Apologies for not replying to your emails. It’s just that I receive over 1 000 emails a day (mostly spam.. them “I’m Princess Fatu from Senegal, the only daughter of King Dougie Howser of Howser House. My father is in exile and I want you to help me retrieve the US$36million he left” etc type of emails ) but I will eventually read your emails and reply.

You can ask me any question in the comments sections.

If you write and want me to publish your story for you, you can email me and I’ll publish it here. I prefer stories written by females to be honest, or written from a female perspective.. The stories MUST be short..and must NOT contain any of the following..
– incest
– violence
– rapes
– disgusting shit
– racism

I hope you’re all enjoying the World Cup. I’m loving every moment of it. I’m supporting all small teams.

I’m running out of stuff to say.

Stay safe and take care of your woman.


Sugar Dick Dupree!

Hello There

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