Adina Shebeen The Lioness

Author: Adina Shebeen

Publisher: Svirorist!

I love feeling your fingers inside me. I love the way you finger fuck my swollen, wet pussy and the way you probe my g-spot.Can you hear my wet pussy talking? I feel like I want to crawl out of my skin. Your hands are so big and strong, so masculine, and I feel so much sensual bliss when you are fingering me kusvika pakutunda. I want to feel more of you. When you have three fingers in me, I feel so full, so sexy. Go ahead and slide a fourth finger in me… I can take it. It’s going to be a tight fit but slide it in please!! I’ll pull my legs to my chest.

Look into my eyes, look at my erect nipples, look at my erect clit,  look at my pussy and hear my moans telling you to go further, deeper? Yes, you’re almost there. Nditundise. Please, just do it.

Shit, push your fingers deeper. Eish, it feels so good. Damn you, ndakuda kusvirwa. I WANT YOU TO FUCK ME! Ndirikuda mboro yako badly in my wet pussy; make me scream. I feel so full. Shove ALL YOUR DICK  in my wet cunt. C’mon, fuck me. Im all yours. Ram chimboro chako in kusvika kwasara mazijende ako. I want it all balls deep. Eish, it feels so fucking good. More, I want more. I can’t believe it. I can’t believe how intense it feels, it feels so fucking sexy, so extreme. Nhasi I’m going explode and squirt  all over you while you fuck my wet, horny pussy.

Cumming On Body


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