Stororo by Guest

Stororo by Guest

Author: Brownie Chick
Publisher: Svirorist

Hie Sugar. Im a mixed race woman from Durban Kwazulu Natal and Im a big fan of yours. Here’s a story I wrote. Its from a guy’s perspective..

“My fingers are fumbling to un button the front of your high waisted shorts. When I get the last button undone I quickly pull them off. You walk away from me and I watch as you turn your back to me and bend over as you slip off your lacy panties. My black cock rises and pushes against my pants as I sit and watch your beautiful body in the light from the sunset dancing in through the window.


Your brown skin shines with the orange glow from the sun. The light plays with your shiny black hair. My eyes move down your angelic body: your dark red hair flowing over your shoulders, your back, your dainty smooth brown arms and your small cute fingers, my eyes move down to your shapely soft ass, the backs of your thighs your calves your ankles your feet. You place your hands on the table and stand on the tips of your toes as you turn your head, your hair glides back over your shoulder and I see your big brown eyes as you ask: “are you enjoying the view?”. I nod, speechless as my eyes graze your dark nipple covering the tip of your milky brown breast. You quickly turn your head back around as you reach down and pick up your panties and throw them on my lap. You turn and walk to me. Now I can see your beautiful pussy blooming between your legs. Your labia drip with your juices. My cock stirs. You come and begin to undo my belt as you have done so many times for no reason at all. Now you are un buttoning my pants and you unzip them. I stand up and you pull them off of me. My hard cock falls out in front of your face. You your eyes glide over it. You aggressively pull my shirt from my back and toss it on the floor. You grab me with one hand on my cock. You lead me by it to the dining room. You feel my hard cock throbbing in your hand. We enter and the table has a white table cloth and rose petals spread over it. Two ivory candles burn in the center. You let my cock fall out of your hand as you walk over to the Table and sit on the edge. I push you into the table
your hair flows out like a halo around your head. You are laying down on the table with your legs hanging off. Your brown tits lay flattened on your chest you look at me with your beautiful brown eyes as a take the seat at the head of the table. You lift your feet up and out them on the back of my chair exposing your beautiful pussy your labia dripping with desire. I kiss your belly. I venture further down kissing you as I go. I kiss you further and feel the shiny black hair on my upper lip. I place my mouth over your pussy. Your juices coat my lips. I lick. Slowly. I slowly move my tongue over it, covering all of it. I love the way you taste. I just want to plunge my face deeper. But I don’t. I lick your inner thighs in one long stroke of my tongue. I then touch the tip of my tongue to your pussy and begin to flick it with my tongue. Your head turns to the side and you reach your hand above your head and clench the table cloth. I’m sucking the juice from your lips. My mouth is covered in your juices. I spread your labia and plunge my face into you, eagerly lapping you with my tongue. You let out a loud gasp and a moan escapes. you close your eyes. I continue to eat you. When I’m finished you smile at me and I side the chair back and sit in it. You roll over on the table and begin to climb off backwards as I watch. You turn leaning back against the table with your arms behind you. You stand there a moment and then say “fuck me.” I look into your brown eyes but I don’t move. I tell you to “persuade me.” (As if I wasn’t already dying to plunge my cock into you) you turn back around showing me your ass and you bend over with one hand spreading your pussy for me and you beg me to fuck you. “Put your cock in me” you plead. You spread your ass showing me where you want me to go. I reach out my hand and you grab it eagerly pushing my fingers inside you. I pull my hand away. You look disappointed. I put my fingers in my moth tasting you on them. You look at me and see my satisfaction in my eyes as I lick my fingers clean. You bend back over and spread your labia for me you are begging, pleading with me to fuck you. You’ve waited patiently but now you need it. “Please just fuck me” you breathe. As you turn your head to look at me you see that I have gotten up and have moved toward you I push you forward and your hands are in the edge of the table. I slap your ass so hard. It burns red, my mark on you. I push you over further, bending you over the table. I spank you again. I then push my cock deep inside you. I keep pushing myself deeper inside you. I say in you for a minute or more only pushing myself into you. Then I begin to fuck you slowly at first but my rhythm increases and my cock is moving in and out very quickly. I put my hand on your back holding you down on the table. As I fuck you harder I bite you on the back if your neck a few times. I go faster and faster. “Faster!” You beg for it and I give it to you. I’m driving you against the table going deep inside you. You are moaning into the table cloth. You let out a very loud moan as I cum deep inside you. You feel wave after wave of my hot white cum crash against the inside wall of your pussy. I fill you up and continue to ride you slowly and getting slower. I pull out of you and watch as you lay on the table faced own gasping for air and letting out soft moans leftover from the ecstasy that enveloped you moments before. My warm cum runs out of you and down your leg mixing with your own juices. You lay there and feel it drain out of you. I kiss you. Your eyes close and you lay there breathing heavily. I kiss you on the back of the neck and tell you I love you…..

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