Sugar Dick Dupree: Sleeping Beauty


Author: Sugar Dick Dupree
Publisher: Svirorist!
All Rights Reserved

So I was just browsing Facebook hangu, looking at people’s profiles women’s) and I came upon an interesting profile. As I went through her profile, I realised kuti she USED to be one of my bigges… Actually let me stop lying. I will tell you the truth. I hacked into someone’s online diary and this is what I saw. I ALWAYS suspected that this woman had a thing for me but I needed confirmation… Now that I have proof that she wants me, I need to move in for the kill…

Sugar Dick Dupree Hacks into Nomathemba’s online diary.

ENTRY DATE: 23/06/2014
As soon as I open my eyes every and I mean EVERY MORNING, the first thing that springs to mind is: What would I do to Sugar Dick Dupree’s big dick if his body was laying right next to mine??
EVERYDAY!!! Is that even normal??????
– honestly speaking, murume uye turns me on!
– I start to think of how I’d please him..
– the things I’d do to him..
– maiwe zvangu
–  So, there he is akarara next to me, completely naked.
– I gently lift the bed linen to take a peak at his tall muscular dark body from head to toe..
– I look at his sexy chunky biceps and gently kissed them
– eish, this guy is built..
– I see zimboro rake (his big dick) sleeping, lying on top of his thigh..
– Its fat even when its sleeping..
Shebeen Blog
– Shiti mhani, I love good dick!! I mean I love everything about it.
– I love the taste
– the way it feels
– the scent..OMG the scent just arouses the shit out of me..
– the bigger, the darker, the thicker, the better..
– My pussy is already wet and mouth almost drooling..
– I cant wait to have it..
– I slide my fingers down to my pussy and start rubbing my clit whilst looking at his dick..
– My head’s spinning and all sorts of wild thoughts run wild..
– I move closer to him.. Eish he smells good.
– I lifted up my thigh, grabbed his sleeping dick  and gently placed my thigh on his six-pack..
– I can feel his arousal stirring as he sleeps. His dick is long, fat and feels weighty in my hands..
– uko ma nipples ake are already hard
– My hands roam all over his massive chest, his six-pack, his neck, his biceps..
– where my hands go my tongue seems to automatically seek. I’m literally worshipping this man’s body..
– There is something so so SO powerful about him that makes me starve for the taste of him. I cant quite explain kuti chii exactly.
– im so freaking horny and SO turned on its unreal..
– I start stroking that big dick and
– I can feel his breathing increasing, as if he is torn now between sleep and waking to receive the pleasure I want to give him.
– still in his sleep, he turns over and faces me..GOOD!
– I can feel his big hardening against my belly. I moan as I slide my pussy over his dick, rubbing it up and down
–  By now my pussy is drenched and the feel of his hardness rubbing my clit is making me whimper in pleasure.
– I placed his massive hands on my hips, and move myself towards his cock.. His hands are so big that they cover my entire arse cheeks!
– I want to fuck him ion his sleep.. nice, slow and gentle..
– I start licking his body..slowly making my way down to his dick..
– I kiss gently his inner thighs..with my cheeks brushing past his dick..
– I go further his balls..
– I’m now licking his balls, my nose is buried in his groin, I sniff it in deeply savoring his scent, the aroma coming from him, is the most arousing, smell I could ever think of. I cant describe the intensity of the pleasure I feel at this moment.
– I cup his balls with my hands and gently squeeze them as my tongue slides its way up and down being sure to taste every inch of his cock, coating it heavily with my saliva..
– I wanted it to be extra wet
-I listen to his breathing ndichi checker for the signs of pleasure..
– I want him to say my name in his sleep..
– He gasps loudly as I consume zimboro rake..stroking it up and down.
– He is breathing rapidly and loudly achingo maker ma movements.
– I begin to throw my head up and down at the shaft fucking his cock as if my mouth were a pussy.
–  The longer I work on his cock, the more aroused I become, I moan around his cock loudly causing vibrations to run over him and this seems to make his body shake as if he is absorbing the shook of my vibrating tongue.
– I know kuti he is getting very close to cumming in my mouth, because he has taken over the fucking of my face, by holding my head still and slamming zimboro rake up and into me.
– He is shuddering and shaking and this drives me wild.
– He fucks faster and harder, I moan louder
– without touching my pussy I know it is drenched and I could orgasm at any moment without him touching it.
– I’m stroking zimboro rake vigorously, spit drooling all over it..trickling down his balls to his exhaust..
– The pleasure is becoming so intense for both of us, I forget to breathe in my excitement, and this seems to make me moan louder and harder around his pulsating cock.
– I look at him..and see his eyes shut and mouth wide open.. FUCKING SEXY!
– He screams, “Noma, I’m gonna cum”.
– I tell him to explode in my mouth.. zvikanzi, “there..there..there, it’s coming”..
– I don’t want to lose a single drop saka I jump up onto him in cowgirl position, quickly slide zimboro rake in my pussy..
Sugar Ridden
– Instantaneously, I feel his thick warm cum shoot up in me and this drives me insane!
–  I start rocking fast  back and forth, violently screaming whilst looking deeply into his eyes and cumming hard all over his dick.
Sugar Ridden 2
– I collapse into a heap on top of him, and start kissing him..
– I can feel both our bodies trembling…sorta going into spasms..
– he hugs me, breathes into my ear and mumbles sweet nothings..
– I smile and say nothing.. Im exhausted..I came hard, too hard.. it drained all my energy away..
– I remain on top of him, and then we both fall asleep..
– 30 minutes later, his dick wakes me up…
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Sugar Dick Dupree!

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