From Inbox, “Sugar, what do I do with my man’s balls. Im clueless. HELP”?

Sugar’s Response:

During foreplay, I’ve never quite understood why ladies are only so focused on just the dick that they forget the other erogenous zone of his engine. For some reason, they tend to ignore the balls. I don’t know what it is that makes them think kuti the dick chete is the only sensitive thing on his body. Asi chii nhai?

Ladies, our balls are sensitive and they need attention too.


– Before you touch his dick, head straight for the balls. Ignoring his dick will excite him. Yeah, grabbing his dick will also excite him asi you need to build it up. Dont just dive for the dick.
– grab hold of them (cup them) in one hand and kiss him hard. It will turn him on.
– If he’s lying down, gently massage them.
– massage them the direction of the dick..
– lick them..I love it when mine are plastered in her saliva..Lol , yeah I’m a certified freak but saliva makes the whole experiment even more interesting.
– If he’s one of those guys who gets easily disgusted by saliva, use lubricants sweetie.
– Personally, I love it when she spends time on them. I want her to bury her head in them and wipe her face with them lol..Why not?
– suck the balls. We call it Tea Bagging here in Zimbabwe..
Kunanzva machende 1
– some ladies blow them…making that brrrrr sound as they blow them. I had that done to me a few times and it didn’t do anything for me. I didn’t like it neither did I hate it..but it just left me thinking “what does she think she’s doing?”
– I once had someone rub her wet pussy on them and that shit seriously turned me on!!! Even thinking about it now makes my dick hard.

Never slap them or squeeze them hard because they are very sensitive to pain. Don’t suck them too hard or pull them. Reminds me of an ex named Trish. Gosh, she pulled my balls sooo hard I thought she was gonna yank them out. Iwe ka, It was pretty painful!!!! I thought I was going to die that night.

So, yaah, never ignore the balls, sweetie.. they are part and parcel of his dick. Its a lot like him (or me) licking your pussy but completely ignoring the clit..or him (or me) licking your breasts but completely ignoring the nipples.. Its stupid to be honest.



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