Crash Course By Uncle Dupree

From thy INBOX:

“Sugar, help me shaas. My woman has been complaining. Hanzi I want you to eat my pussy but the thing is I dont know how .I have never done it. HELP! What should I do? Please teach me one or two things”..

Well, its good that you can always call on Uncle LL Cool Dupree for  help. I have said it many times here kuti I, Sugar Dick Dupree The Head Honcho, am a certified freak! I LOVE eating pussy! I could eat pussy ALL DAMN DAY zvangu ndaka parker ma steady.

Vaginatarian and Proud!!!
Sugar Dick Dupree Diet
Anyway, let me answer you before I start going into one of them self praising modes….

So, tonight, here is what you do.
– Lay her on her back.. this is minimum requirement..Well, thats what I do..
– spread her legs
– kiss and tease beche rake before you even think about entering her with  your tongue or finger – She’ll be pretty sensitive
– Rub her all over gently.. just be erotic not zve rough and fast..
– squeeze her boobs
– don’t rush her.. take your time..
– women dont enjoy being rushed when it comes to foreplay..unless you are out there.
– lick her legs
– lick, kiss and nibble her inner thighs.
– brush dangerously close to her pussy as you do that. This will excite her.
– the whole point of teasing her is to make her want it..
– brush your lips over her pussy without pressing down.
–  After this, then put your lips right on top of her pussy.
– stick your tongue out..and maintain eye contact..
– dunno what it is with women and eye contact asi it does something to them..
–  lick a single lick from the very bottom (start from the bottom) of her pussy to the very tip…almost close to her clit..
– This single long lick should receive one of them long slow “aaaaaaaah” moans.  
– run your tongue up and down between the layers of pussy flesh.
– slowly spread her legs even more with your hands. The whole point is to make her feel “opened up”.. 
everything must be done gently. Zvese! Like I said, zve rough is a NO NO in this situation.
– start off slow and then increase the intensity.
– Use your tongue to open up her labia..

– tongue fuck her
– Press your face hard as you tongue fuck her,
– lick her pussy walls hard..
– give them a thorough clean..
– spit on the pussy to make it extra wet.. Dont listen to your friends who tell you kuti spitting on a pussy is disgusting. It isnt!
– pull back the labia with your lips until it snaps back onto her pussy..
– Don’t do it softly-softly..suck hard as you tease her clit in your mouth.
– Use your fingers, your tongue and your lips, make sure kuti you attack her with so many sensations zvekuti she cannot help but cum multiple times.
– peel back the labia and start attacking the clit with your tongue..
– don’t attack the clit too too hard because it is sensitive..but then again don’t be too gentle because she wont feel a thing. It really depends with her. Some women like being sucked hard and some like it gentle. Usually, they beg for you to suck it hard.. I suck it hard and they dont complain..
– slide two fingers in and out of her pussy as you flick your tongue all over her clit. (I recommend two fingers because one finger is too skinny and three could be too much for her to handle..besides, with three, you can’t get deep enough. You need to use the two long ‘middle’ fingers)
– press it against her clit make circular motions..
– watch her face for reaction. Listen out to what she’s saying..
– If she lifts her pelvis into the air with the tension of her rising orgasm, move with her, don’t fight her.
– don’t let go. Hang on..If she goes up, go up with her. If she goes down, go down with her.. Your mouth MUST remain firmly on her pussy..
– continue finger fucking her.. 
– sucking her clit and finger-fucking her at the same time gives her far more stimulation than you would be giving her with your cock alone.
– When she starts cumming, don’t let go of that clit.
 – Hang in there, my friend. Grab onto her tits for extra grip.
– let her cum on your face..Hazvina basa.It doesnt matter.
– After you’ve made her cum, gently lick her pussy, thighs, belly, boobs..
– kiss her body
– after that, she’ll be begging you to fuck her…………..

Hope this helps



Sugar Dick Dupree

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