Dirty Conversations Part 1


Author: Sugar Dick Dupree
Publisher: Svi to the
All rights bla bla bla

Conversation between Netsai and Yours Truly Sugar Dick Dupree The Great.

Here goes…

21:30pm: (SDD): Heyy sexy ndeipi yako?
21:35pm: (Netsai): hi
21:36pm: (SDD): How you doing?
21:37pm: (Netsai): cool
21:38pm: (Netsai): sorry but do I know u.
21:39pm: (SDD): yeah you do.
21:39pm: (Netsai): from where? How did u get my WhatsApp number? Who are you?
21:40pm: (SDD): I got it from you.. YOU asked for my number.
21:41pm: (Netsai): who are you??
21:42pm: (SDD): I am Sugar Dick Dupree a.k.a The Big Sexy.
21:44pm: (Netsai): LMAO..ma 1 chaiwo. I know you. You’re the dude who writes naughty stuff, right?
21:45pm: (SDD): yaah
21:47pm: (Netsai) Lol aah yaas. Saka how can I help you Mr Sugar? What made you come up with that name by the way? I hope you are not in my inbox to tell me kuti you want to write about me
21:48pm: (SDD): Actually I do. I wanna write about you.
21:49pm: (Netsai): ah ah NO WAYS!! You’re not going to get my consent on this. Why me????
21:50pm: (SDD): Why you?? Because Im attracted to you….
21:50pm: (Netsai): Riiiight, Mr Dupree, I’m flattered *rolls eyes*. Thanks but no thanks, I don’t wanna be a part of it..
21:51pm: (SDD): lol. Dont worry. I won’t make it realistic.
21:52pm: (Netsai): NO thanks. Asi chii nhai?
21:53pm: (SDD): ok cool.
22:07pm: (Netsai): hi are you still online? I need to ask you a few questions..
22:09pm: (SDD): yeah, I’m here. Go ahead, ask any question.
22:10pm: (Netsai): just out of curiosity, what exactly were you going to write about?
22:11pm: (SDD): what do you mean?
22:13pm: (Netsai): Hanti wati you wanted to write about me saka Im asking kuti what role was I going to play in the story?
22:14pm: (SDD): Oh, dunno yet..but we definitely would have ended fucking at some point.
22:15pm: (Netsai): kkkk So I bet it was going to be one of them, “I Sugar Dupree was walking naked in Arcadia at 3am and bumped into Netsai. She tripped, fell and landed on my dick and we started fucking”???
22:16pm: (SDD): Lmao no, not like that..
22:17pm: (Netsai): have you got a rough draft??? Lemme see what you’ve written so far.
22:18pm: (SDD): I hadn’t written anything. I don’t do rough drafts.
22:19pm: (Netsai): okay, can you write something now so I can have a sneak preview of what would have been.
22:20pm: (SDD): okay, wait..
22:22pm: (Netsai): ok
22:28pm: (SDD): okay..here goes..
“- I was lying on the bed..
– with my dick in my hand, stroking it..
– Netsai was sitting on my thighs, looking at my dick and rubbing her tits.
– she’d look at my face to check out my expression as I stroked my dick..
– she took a bottle of lubricant and poured quite a lot on my dick and on her boobs..
– I kept stroking it, ichi maker that squishy sound..
– she moved her pussy closer to my dick, grabbed it and started rubbing it on her pussy..
– she then spread apart her labia to expose her big clit zvikanzi, “spank it with that dick”..
22:28pm: (Netsai): Geez. Stop. This is too much..
22:28pm: (SDD): lol ok
22:29pm:  (Netsai):  Its kinda good though in a freakish way.. I KINDA don’t want you to stop. KEYWORD here is KINDA.. Can you do me a favour??
22:20pm: (SDD):  KINDA means YES saka this really means you DO want me to go ahead!
22:31pm: (Netsai): Can I ask for a favour
22:33pm: (SDD): yes go ahead..
22:33pm: (Netsai): Can you send me a picture??
22:34pm: (SDD): picture of???
22:35pm: (Netsai): body yako………lol
22:36pm: (SDD): ok
sdd 2
22:37pm: (Netsai): damn!
22:38pm: (SDD): lol wanakirwa ka?

End Of Part 1


Sugar Dick Dupree

8 thoughts on “Dirty Conversations Part 1

  1. Can i have yo number coz im kinda lonely n sigle i need sme1 to warm ma bed its been 2yrs nw no sex i miss the game



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