Letter To Makosi

What goes on The Sheb, ALWAYS stays on The Sheb. Read here and enjoy. I’m not trying to get publicity for this post! I am past that.

Anyhoo, I was just on Facebook hangu checking out images of Zimbabwean celebs. I bumped into profile ya Makosi and decided to write this letter to Makosi Musambasi. Obviously, I don’t expect her to reply neither do I expect her to know.

She’s really the first Zim celeb I, Sugar Dick Dupree, have ever written about..so this is a big deal.. Well, maybe not but in all honesty, she turns me on. I would fuck the living daylights out of this woman, everyday! She is FINE and has a booty to commit a crime for. You know Uncle Sugar likes his women big..but I don’t discriminate. If you are slim sweetie, I would still fuck you. Make no mistake of that. Handina zvema funny!!

Anyway, Let me get started. As usual, I don’t do proof reading so expect errors. I just “fire and forget”..

Letter To Makosi..

– body yako is like a sanctuary..
– I badly want to explore it with my mouth and tongue..
– I want to feel your soft skin, those curves and your thick thighs..
– Just touching body yako and feeling all of your dark skin pressed against mine would be a dream I want to fulfill.
– I want to gently kiss ma cheeks ako and nibble on your neck..
– i want to plant gentle kisses on your soft full lips..
– I want to run my tongue down your big boobs, sucking the nipples..
– pull my face into them so I can feel their softness and warmth..
– I want to kiss your tummy zviri sensual and gentle..
– when I get down to your wet pussy..I’ll part makumbo ako apart and take a deep sniff of your wet pussy to savour the scent..
– I will then plant my mouth on your pussy lips.
– I will stick my tongue out and spread your labia apart..
– I want to lick the pussy walls
– I want to stick my tongue out and then stick it into your pussy..as deep as it can go..
– I want to devour your pussy hard till you cum on my face!
– I will lick your fat pussy until you scream, fold into yourself and writhe in excitement.
– I want you to wrap your thighs around my head
– hold the back of my head with both your hands and pull me hard into your pussy..
– I want you to hear and feel my lips slurp and eat your pussy..
– I want you feel my tongue lash inside your pussy..
– I want you to feel it running up and down on your pussy walls..
– I want to suck your clit and give it a thorough spit shine..
– fuck, I even want to lick your exhaust..
– I want to make you vibrate and shudder as wave after wave of orgasms travel through your body..
– I want you to flood my mouth with your wetness

After that, I want to flip you over, make you lie on your tummy, and slide my big dick in your wet pussy..



Sugar Dick Dupree

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