Tip of the Day

If your woman likes deep penetration, then she will love  THIS variation of Doggy Style.

Note how he is not behind her. He is almost on her back.

Best Doggy 2
With his legs spaced out like that, he has more balance, better grip, better positioning, power and confidence. Its far easier to her G-spot in this variation than all the other doggy variations.

Best Doggy 1

Look how he slaps her pussy with his dick. It’s a sign of confidence. He is slapping her pussy with authority. She knows he is in complete control of her and she’s at his mercy.
Best Doggy 3

Look how it drives her insane..and then she ends up squirting. You are almost always guaranteed some squirt action in this position..

Be very gentle with your woman if she’s not into deep penetration.



Sugar Dick Dupree

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