Uncle Sugar

From Inbox: “Sugar, ndeipi? I’m not gay or anything but I want my woman to lick my exhaust. I don’t have the courage to tell her but I just wanna know if there is a position that will lead her to do it?”..

Uncle Sugar Dick Dupree’s Response

Hie. Ass licking is known as Rimming. I invented it in the late 90s. Tisu ana Sugar takatanga nazvo.

The easiest and best way would be to tell her (a.k.a communication). Obviously, you don’t want to do that so I have a master plan. Tonight, do the 69 Position..

Here’s a couple of self-explanatory images that will help you.

First, start with the usual 69 position..  By the way, 69 saves time as you don’t have to take turns to perform oral sex.  Keep in mind kuti in order to enjoy this position, you both need to be compatible in terms of weight and height. Otherwise, this sex position will become too uncomfortable to enjoy.

Back to our plan..Get into 69
69 One SDD tHE sHEB
Do all the stuff..lick her pussy good etc..

69 One SDD tHE sHEB 2
Give her a good long lick.. Don’t rush things. Start moaning and writhing like you are really enjoying it. Even if it means kuti you have to fake the moans, FAKE THEM! There is nothing wrong with faking moans shamwari, I do it pretty much every time.
69 One SDD tHE sHEB 3
At this stage, your moans should be louder. The whole point of moaning louder is to drive her wild. Moaning is confirmation to her kuti she’s doing a fine job in pleasuring you. She’ll want to do more..

Now, that you’ve got her going wild..Start throwing your legs up in the air.. Tell her to lick your balls. When she starts licking them, get even wilder!! Throw your legs all over the place. Scream her name, grab her hair, dig your fingers into her butt.. Tell her to keep attacking your balls..
69 One SDD tHE sHEB 4
Then tell her to go much lower on the balls. The aim here is to guide her dangerously close to your exhaust.
When she goes lower, start vibrating..lol. Even if you are faking it, just vibrate. .She’ll think she’s got your weak spot and she’ll naturally want to attack this “weak spot”.
69 One SDD tHE sHEB 5
Tell her to go even lower. If she does..and licks your exhaust, shout,”YES!” and start vibrating once more.. This time vibrate like you have never vibrated before..Make the whole bed go gggrrrrr like an earth tremor lol

I’m sure this plan will work. Try it tonight. If it doesn’t work, come back here so we can plan Part 2..



Sugar Dick Dupree!

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