Dedicated To Tafara’s Girlfriend

This is what I did to Tafara’s girlfriend pa weekend.. Tafara is a frenemy (a friend who is sort of an enemy). My friends and I call him Chimhuno (big nose) lol.

She didn’t wanna cum because she said she “felt wrong”. Hanzi, “Tafara has never made me squirt or cum saka I just feel bad if I was to cum on you”. Hanzi, “its wrong to cum because I feel like I’m properly cheating on him”. As she said this, her fingers were firmly wrapped around my dick and she was busy rubbing her pussy with it. I asked her what she wanted and she replied, “just don’t make me cum”..

Im not in the mood for a lengthy stororo saka I’ll just write this from a different angle..

Anyway, let me start

Saka, she’s on her back and I’m on top of her….

– when I slide my dick in..
– I like to take my time with the pussy..
– I like to tease it..
– I love slapping it with my dick…especially if its wet. eish, I love LOVE wet pussy. the wetter the better..
– I love rubbing my dick head on the clit, and plastering it with my pre-cum..
– I love rubbing it on her exhaust (back door)..
– I love running my dick from the top of her clit right down to her exhaust..
– if she’s dripping wet, I rub it fast..
– I love getting my dick wet and slippery..
– I like to hear that squishy wet sound as I rub my big dick all over her pussy..
– I like to run the entire length of my shaft..not the dick head..on her clit..

when it comes to sliding it in..

– I like kungoisa just the head chete and start kissing her..or licking her nipples..
– I just want my head to feel the warmth of her pussy..
– usually at this point I feel her pussy getting wet..and tightening up..
– then I start doing ma shallow strokes..
– I like to fuck fast when I’m doing shallow strokes..because its only the head going in..
– then I pull it all out..
– all of it..
– because I want to see just how wet my dick head is..
– and then plunge it back in ..this time just half of it..
– and then pull it all out..
– I like to do that slow..
– and watch her as she looks at my juicy big dick ..
– you can see in her eyes kuti she wants it..because she’s not taking her eyes off it..and then she sorta licks her lips..
– and then as I slide it back in again, she goes, “ahhhhh” with her eyes rolling back..
sdd dick sliding
– I keep pushing..nice, slow and gentle..
– then pull out again..
– she grabs me by the waist and pushes me up and pulls me down..
– she wants it in, all in..
SDD Dick going in
– and she wants to be fucked faster..
– I slide it in back again..
– nice and slow..inch by inch, until my balls touch her exhaust..
– she grabs my butt and pulls me hard..
– she pulls me even harder…as hard as she can.. because she wants to feel every inch deep in her..
– and her body goes into spams, violently she came on my dick..



The Big Bad Sugar Dick Dupree!


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