Image Of The Day

For The Ladies:

SDD Body

– Him, standing in front of your completely naked..
– all oiled up..
– body sparkling..
– His dick is fat, not too big with protruding veins..
– oil dripping off his big balls
– very horny..and wants you..
– you are the centre of his world
– he parts your legs apart and places his fat dick on your pussy..
– it feels hard…really hard..
– its head is fat and shiny..and wet with pre-cum..
– he lies on top of your body…with that chest…
– kisses you gently…
– and then he automatically slides his dick in you…
– the fullness, the way it forces its way into your pussy..

Image Of The Day 2
Heyi mhani…….



Adina Shebeen!

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