Sugar: Apart from sensitivity, whatelse would I lose if I got circumcised?

– you would lose your foreskin lol. Which means whenever you masturbate, you would need some lubricant.
– as your dick head enters the pussy, the foreskin rolls back hanti? And I’m sure you know just how good that feels when it rolls back. Well, if you remove it, you will never ever experience that feeling again.
– the foreskin is packed with nerve endings so you’ll also be kissing goodbye to that.
– your dick will look like it’s lost weight. Foreskin makes your dick look fat saka removing it would give it ‘thin look’..
– one last thing, it will look different because you’re used to seeing it with foreskin.


Sugar Dick Dupree

Question From Inbox:

4 thoughts on “Question From Inbox:

  1. I mst fist tell u dt am a woman and I love ur blog, I dnt knw how many times av come from reading ur erotic stories. I nerver knew that havin a foreskin has all dis benefits. This post is all about what guys lose after circumsion. I feel dt Suger u should also hav wriiten what a person benefits frm being circumsizd, bcause there are benefits, so dt ppl cn weigh da pros and cons of circumsion

    I cnt wait for ur next post, dts gona make my pussy explode in excitment.

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