This one is for those who suffer from premature ejaculation.

If you suffer from premature ejaculation and you’ve tried all you can to last long, then the only thing you MUST do is to ELONGATE FOREPLAY!

What does that mean??

Make sure kuti during touching & kissing each other (this is called foreplay), you DON’T rush things. I repeat, DO NOT RUSH to fuck.

– take your sweet time.
– touch her everywhere and I mean kwese until she’s super wet.
– talk to her. Taura naye. Constant communication is key during foreplay. Ask her kuti, “how does that feel? Do you like that?” Etc etc.
– make sure kuti she cums a few times until she begs you to fuck her.
– once again, do NOT rush things and it’s VERY important kuti she cums during foreplay.

When you rush foreplay and just start fucking, she won’t be really ready. Women take ages to get ready. I don’t know how they are wired but they need lots of foreplay. So take your time. If you rush the foreplay, you will ejaculate just as she’s getting ready and that will leave her angry and frustrated. You will leave her hanging.

I mean, think about it yourself… Three minutes foreplay and two minutes of sex….which means 5 minutes of sexual activity altogether! Ah! She won’t be happy. I’m sure you can see my point.

So, once again. If you suffer from premature ejaculation, make sure kuti you spend LOTS of time on foreplay AND make sure you kuti make her cum. If you do this, trust me, she won’t mind if you cum in two minutes.

Trust me on this one.


Sviro to the rist!

His Excellency Cde Sugar Dick Dupree

by the way, kuti means that…

Premature Ejaculation

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