From Inbox:

“Ndeipi Sugar? Uribho? What other positions can I do when I give my woman oral sex? I’m tired of giving her oral whilst she’s on her back. Help. I know it’s a silly question asi ndapererwa”.

SDD’s response:

No question is too stupid. Knowledge is power my friend. There are many positions you can get into when licking her pussy.

– tell her to get on all fours (doggy style) and start eating her pussy from the back. She’ll love this. Her exhaust will be on full display and if that’s your thing, lick it. You can prank her,grab her boobs whilst you do this.

69 Position:
– in this position, you can attack her clit non stop. Just make sure kuti she’s on top and you’re under her. It’s better that way.

On Your Knees.
– get down on your knees, iye akamira (whilst she’s standing up), pull up her skirt up or off, pull her panties to the side and start attacking her pussy with your tongue. Works best when you have her pinned pa madziro (to the walls).

From Behind Whilst She’s Standing Up
– same thing as doggy.

Happy eating. Stick your tongue out and tongue-fuck her pussy.
* cover the entire pussy with your lips and suck the clit.
– lick everywhere!

* * *

I guess this is all I can say for now. I’ll update this with pictures.



Sugar Dick Dupree

Many Ways To Lick The Cat

2 thoughts on “Many Ways To Lick The Cat

  1. Or you can lie on your back and let her kneel on to your face with her legs spread apart of course.Iyi yakapenga cos kana zvavakunakidza she will try to move up and down.Just remind her not to sit directly on to your face,you might suffocate



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