Yeah, why not? Let me dedicate this to Amara Brown. I do not know you sweetie and neither do you, but I have every intention to fuck the shit out of you…in front of your man…whose identity is unknown to me.. But nonetheless, I want to fuck you, sweetie..

As usual, what happens on The Sheb, MUST stay on The Sheb.

Sugar’s Fantasies..

* you’re on your back..
* he’s on top, sitting on your chest.. Let’s call him Tendai.
* and in between your tits, is his long dark thick juicy dick..
* he cups your tits and squeezes his juicy dick in between them.
* he starts thrusting..
* you feel it’s weight and warmth..and fuck it feels amazing..and you stretch your hands out above your head..grabbing onto the bed sheets..
* it’s massive head is poking your chin..
* you look down to see, and you see it’s massive shiny head popping in and out of your tits..
* it’s wet, quite wet…with his love juices..
* you stick your tongue out and lick the love juices off…
* damn, it tastes good..
* he pushes further up so you can ‘consume’ the entire head..
* and starts thrusting it into your mouth..
* he lifts himself up a bit, and the sight of his big balls hanging low drives you insane..
* the scent of his dick and balls turn you want it all in your face..
* you beg for him to fuck your face..
* he doesn’t listen..
* so you grab onto his muscular tight ass and pull him close to suck them..
* as his balls draw closer to your face, he lifts up a bit more..and you catch a glimpse of somebody else in the room.
* he is completely naked, sitting on the couch, stroking his fat dick…proper mboro..
* he is dark..dark chocolate, has broad shoulders, a well built chest, a defined six-pack and chunky biceps..
* he’s sitting quietly on the couch, has his eyes locked on you..and is clearly turned on.. Let’s call him Sugar….Sugar Dick Dupree to be exact..
* before you ask who he is, Tendai cups your face in his massive hands, stuffs his dick in your mouth..and starts thrusting..
* he thrusts for what seems like ages..
* his balls hitting your chin..
* and then, you feel Sugar holding your ankles..
* he spreads your legs apart..and places his tongue on your hard clit..and then covers your drenched pussy with his lips..
– he starts sucking and licking..
* maiwe zvangu!
* within seconds, you explode, violently jolting you cum on his face..
* Tendai jumps off and leaves the room..
* Sugar stands up, slaps your drenched pussy with his meat…
* he rubs your clit with his dick, squeezes out pre-cum onto it to make it extra slippery and then slides it in..
* fuck, it hurts, but it feels good..
* it slides past the opening, stretches your pussy lips and walls..
*you grab onto his butt and urge him not to stop..
* its painful but you are a big girl..and you can take it..
* and then all of it is buried deep in you..
* it fills you up..
* only hiss fat balls are left dangling, almost covering your arsehole..
* he then lies on top of you, trapping your body underneath his muscular body..with your head caged in between his chunky biceps..
* he continues thrusting..
* fuck it feels good..
* your legs start shaking.
* you tell him you are about to cum again..
* your eyes start to roll, and Sugar plants a wet kiss on your lips..
* shit.. you feel it coming..
* you look to the side..and catch a glimpse of another dude..
* he’s fully clothed and staring back at you..
* his face looks familiar..very familiar..
* Sugar keeps fucking you, hard..and he’s pounding you into the mattress..
* your body starts vibrating..eyes keep rolling.. but you still wanna see who that familiar guy is..
* he’s staring back at you..quietly..and looking lost
* OH MY DAYS!!!!
* It hits you..You now know who it is!!
* Its your man, Roki!!!
* you try to call out his name..
* “Roki…Oh shit, Im cumming..”
* and then you explode all over Sugar’s dick!!!



Sugar Dick Dupree!

Dedicated To Amara Brown

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