We seem to have an influx of Zambians lately. Dunno what was said were but…yeah…we have loads of Zambians visiting this blog now.

One woman asked me if i’ve ever fucked a Zambian woman before. Well, YES i have. I have fucked quite a few to be honest. Most of them tend to have Matinji (long Labia) and are quite submissive in the bedroom.

I remember one chick whose breasts I fucked whilst her man smoked outside. Man, she had really big boobs! We were sitting together in the lounge, then her man excused himself to go smoke outside. When he was outside, he accidentally locked himself outside and his chick (Chonde) immediately laid back on the couch, unbuttoned her top and sorta ‘invited’ me to do something. I stood up, whipped out my dick and stuffed it in between her breasts. I think i fucked them for a minute or so and then she grabbed my dick & started slapping her face with it. I’ll write about that episode some day.

She’s back in Zambia, and she’s a BIG fan of this blog. She knows it’s me. If you’re reading this Chonde, I loved your wet pussy. I loved how it got really drenched. I loved the long lips. I loved your thick thighs. I loved your big ass. And yes, your exhaust (back door hole) was sexy to look at lol.

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Sugar Dick Dupree


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