It appears kuti a lot of folk are into BONDAGE these days. Most of us here have engaged in bondage sex.

So what is bondage? It’s when you tie him/her up with handcuffs, ropes and other kinky accessories.

My ex regularly tied me up with her Pulling Socks. I didn’t really enjoy it because she had a habit of chewing and biting my dick. That shit hurt! Ey mhani.

Now, I’ve forgotten what I was going to say.

Oh yeah, perhaps tonight you should try TYING HER UP (kumusungirira). This is what you should do…

– get her pulling socks. All women have pulling socks stashed away in their wardrobes..
– make her lie on her back..
– make sure she’s completely naked..
– tie her left leg (by the ankle) to her left hand (just below the wrist)..
– do the same thing with her right leg. Right ankle to right arm (ankle to wrist)..
– don’t tie too hard.. She should be comfortable.. Don’t tie too loose because that’d take the fun out of everything..
* put a pillow under her head so she’s extra comfortable..
* then do whatever comes to mind.
* Give her a mind blowing pussy lick..and attack the clit with your lips, tongue and dick (rub & spank it with your dick)..
* take your time when licking pussy..
* gently fuck her. Make sure kuti she can see your dick going in and out of her..
* everything you do whilst she’s tied up should be gentle..unless she tells you to fuck her hard.
* keep in mind kuti you’ll be in complete control so don’t ask her kuti, “what should I do?” etc etc. ALWAYS take charge and display confidence in the bedroom. Women LOVE that.

I’ll put up a few animated video images (GIFS) in a few days to give you a good picture of what I’m trying to say.. I have the video somewhere and I need to edit it.

I’ve run out of stuff to….



Sugar Dick Dupree

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