Tips on how to treat your bbw..

* Compliment her..
* make her feel appreciated..
* make her feel beautiful..
* TELL HER that she’s beautiful..
* if you like her thick thighs, tell her..
* if you like her big breasts, let her know..
* say what you mean and mean what you say..
* Naturally, she’s already insecure about her body size/weight so you MUST make her feel wanted..
* make her feel special..
* she needs to know kuti her man loves her just the way she is..
* she needs to be comfortable around you..
* she needs to feel free around you..
* ESPECIALLY when it comes to fucking..
* Never criticize her because of her weight because one minor negative comment about her looks, can make her feel like rubbish for months..

If you like big girls, then you must do all of the above in order to enjoy great sex with her…

This was supposed to be a lengthy post but my laptop keeps crashing, so I had to keep it short..

Anyway, I better leave before it crashes again.



Sugar Dick Dupree

2 thoughts on “Tip

  1. @ Adina…Please advise our special women how to respond when we pass compliments to them.Its so boring when you tell her all the sweet things you think of her iye ongonyarara. At times when you are doing foreplay, you hear her snoaring lol



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