If you are small down there (or if you suffer from premature ejaculation), then you MUST make sure that you put most of your energy into foreplay..

Foreplay is very, very important to your woman. Spend LOADS of time on foreplay…and I mean LOADS of time. I know most of you guys think that 5 minutes is enough but NO, IT’S NOT!!

Women are ‘slow burners’. They are wired differently to us guys. If you spend too little time and simply hurry to just fuck, she won’t be ready at all. She will only start to get ready just as you are about to ejaculate….and once she’s ready, you will be finished…leaving her frustrated and angry.

Saka, you MUST spend time on foreplay. MAKE SURE kuti she cums multiple times during foreplay. This is important.

Trust me, if you make her cum multiple times DURING FOREPLAY, she won’t get frustrated even if you last 2 minutes during fucking..

The best way to start off foreplay is to massage her.



Sugar Dick Dupree

Foreplay Once More

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