Position Of The Day!

I know its been ages since I’ve posted anything about positions so I think this was long overdue.

So, this is today’s POTD. I think it’s called The Tight Squeeze.

If you want her to feel your dick deep inside her, then this is the position you need to master. She’ll feel the entire length. If you are on the small side, then this is the position you MUST never forget to do..

When you slam it into her, make sure you make that PA PA PA noise. That seems to drive women crazy for some reason.

– Always maintain eye contact in this position. Women love that.
– If you’re well endowed then you should take it easy on the pumping because you might hurt her. (smaller men can pump away as hard as they can and she’ll love it)
– if she likes it hard, then this is the ideal position.
– breathe properly.. Holding your breath or taking short shallow breaths will result in early ejaculation.
– make sure she has a pillow to support her head. You can put a pillow under her butt for comfort and a better angle for deep penetration.




Sugar Dick Dupree

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