Zimbabwean Nights

Author: Adina Shebeen

Publisher: Svirorist!




So, pa weekend, I went to visit my boyfriend. We hadn’t fucked in ages saka I planned on staying at his place for the entire weekend. We fucked multiple times, but Friday night was unbelievably amazing. After kissing for ages on the couch, he carried me to his bedroom to get ready for bed. I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth, get dressed, etc, and iye he got into bed. After I came out, I crawled into bed near him, and we began kissing passionately. Since we hadn’t made love in a long time, we were VERY into it. Hands started roaming, and he slid off my shorts, panties and began to touch & kiss me all over making me moan. We quickly got in 69 position and he immediately started attacking my clit. He then licked his two middle fingers and slid them into my wet pussy. While his fingers were inside of me, I  grabbed his already hard fat dick, spat on it and began to stroke it. The spit made his dick feel nice and slippery in between my fingers. I then started licking the sides of his shaft up and down making it more slippery. He then pushed me off of him and got on top of me, ready to have me. he rips off ka t shirt kake, revealing his sexy chest and rubs his fat wet dick on my clit, just to tease me. He then pages it inside of me and I moan so loudly. He thrusts in and out and I can barely handle it. It felt amazing but sorta hurt at the same time. He continued pushing his fat dick in me and I could feel it stretching my pussy. I pushed him off of me and I got on top of him. I sat on his dick and started fucking him whilst ripping  my top and bra off! I leaned forward and our skin is pressed tightly against each other as I ride him so good. Then I pulled him out of me and moved up my pussy to his face. I spread it apart and then began to lick my clit and I let out tons of moans. I then sat back down on his dick and he grabbed my ass so tight and begins pounding away, doing long strokes. I love the feeling of him grabbing me that hard while he goes in and out. Then I got off and he turned me over and pulls me close to him, my back to his front. he slides his dick inside of me and begins pounding really hard and fast while we’re pressed against each other. It was an angry fuck..and I was screaming & begging him to fuck me even harder!! He roared in my ears, breathed hard down my neck and held me down by pressing my hands down and the feeling was overwhelming.  I was super turned on and cumming hard. I lost count of how many times I came. He then pulled out his dick and shot a huge thick load all over my pussy. Feeling his warm cum on my pussy made me cum…..


sdd 1

Adina Shebeen






2 thoughts on “Zimbabwean Nights

  1. I dont know why bt mazuva ano im finding older single women worth my attention.Im currently dating one and ohhh my word!Words cant express Mai vanondipedzera ivavo.At first i thot she was joking tryng to play with my emotions bt pandakazo vaisa Atenzi!!!!Pakanga pakaipahhhhh!!!!!!!I dont knw what to call it Sex?,fucking?,Porno?Zvimwe zvatinoita handichatauri yapassword. So to all Single Sexy Mamas,(ZviMhamha zvachoooooo!!!!!Popopopoopopooooooooohhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

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