Fuck Me

• this is what you should do nhasi (today) when I get home..
• as soon as I walk into the room..
• get up and head straight for me..
• don’t even respond when I greet you..
• start kissing me, hard..
• start removing my clothes..
• get kinda rough..show me kuti you are the boss..
• pin me to the wall..
• start stroking my dick..
• I love your little warm fingers wrapped around my dick..
• continue kissing me…tongue to tongue please..
• lick and suck my lips..
• remove your clothes..
• at this point, my dick would be hard and ready..
• remove your pants & just let them drop to the ground.. Its sexy!
• wrap one thigh around my waist..or tell me to hold it..
• instruct me. I will obey your every command..
• If you’re wet enough, grab my dick, rub it all over your pussy (beche rako) and then slide it in you..
• wrap one arm around my neck and plant the other hand on my butt.. I like that shit.
• start thrusting..
• kiss me as you fuck me..
• look into my eyes..
• make ‘heavy breathing noises’ and say all them nasty words as you fuck me..
• fuck me hard and fast..
• crash your pelvis against mine..
• ndoda kunzwa that PA! PA! PA! sound as you fuck me..
• snarl my name….
Sugar Dick Dupree Tips



Sugar Dick Dupree

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