Position Of The Day!

Today’s POTD is called Spoons or Spooning. I forgot the exact year I invented this position but it was around Christmas time. I will tell you about that someday.

This position reminds me of one chick named Twambo. She was thick, dark, quite pretty and came from Zambia. Her dad was some big shot in the Zambian government.

She had complained to me kuti her man had never fucked her in this position (and hanzi he was also reluctant to perform a bunch of other positions) saka when she spent a night at my house, I made sure kuti Spoons was the ‘main course’.

She told me kuti she wanted it really slow and deep. Hanzi, “I really want to feel your dick”..

I fucked her all night!! She made weird noises lol. At one point I thought she was crying. Her pussy was soaking wet that I had to place two towels underneath to prevent her juices from soaking into the mattress. Her butt, thighs, my groin area, dick and halls were all soaked in her juices. I love wet pussy…

Now, I’m drifting away from what I wanted to talk about. Actually, I forgot  what I wanted to say so I’m just going to give you a few tips instead

Morning Glory


•   Position yourselves so you can stimulate her g spot with penetration.

• She can stimulate her own clitoris with her hands or vibrator..or iwewe you can do it for her. Make sure kuti your fingers are wet because dry fingers on a sensitive clit can be uncomfortable..

• hug her..
– whisper sweet nothings or naughty stuff in her ear..
– breathe into her ear, it usually drives women wild..
– rub and squeeze her breasts..
– caress the outline of her body..
– kiss, lick and nibble on her neck and shoulders..
– spank her..
– pull her hair..
– some women enjoy having their ears licked..so, yaah, lick them ears..


• twist your upper body just a bit so that you can look back at him and watch him fuck you.. and then engage in some serious sensuous kissing..

• Raising your leg allows deeper penetration.
– With the leg down it makes a tighter fit.
– With the leg up it’s a looser fit.
– You can also get deeper penetration by pushing your butt back further towards him.

• If you like anal sex or  wanna experiment with anal sex, spooning is a great way to gently explore the exhaust..

• This is a great position to use at night just before going to sleep. After a session of fucking, you can then fall asleep still wrapped in the spoon position. I like to leave my dick in her..and then wake her up nayo still in her..

So, that’s all I can say nhasi (today)..




Sugar Dick Dupree


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