Image Of The Day : Disrupt Chores

Sometimes, you just need to disrupt chores..
• hug her and start kissing her neck..
• gently squeeze her breasts..
• kneel down and kiss her butt..
• rub her inner thighs..
• push up real close against her butt so she can feel your hard dick..
• if she’s wearing something short, then whip out your dick and rub it on her butt.. She must feel it’s warmth..
• when she faces you, slightly pull down her bra and lick her nipples..
• kiss her breasts..
• kiss her………

Hezvo! This was just supposed to be a pic of the day thingi not tip of the day.. So without further delay, here’s the pic..

sdd tips

And I’m out…so…….



Sugar Dick Dupree

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