Tip Of The Day!

SDD eating Pussy

• lick around the pussy..
• kiss it..
• spread it gently and lick the walls..
• wrap your lips around her clit and suck it..
• stick out your tongue and push it inside her..
• fuck her with your tongue..
• pull her pussy lips with your mouth until they snap out of your mouth..
• lick the whole thing up and down..
• if you’re a freaky dude, lick her exhaust..
• spit on the pussy and then slide the entire length of your dick over it..
• rub the dick head on her clit..
• tease her with it..
• rub the exhaust too..
• spank the exhaust..
• spank the pussy with your dick..
• grab your balls and rub them on her pussy..
• that shit turns women on..
• spread the pussy lips and spank the clit..

slapping her pussy




Sugar Dick Dupree


7 thoughts on “TIP OF THE DAY!

  1. Reblogged this on About all and everything and commented:
    This is pleasure fulfilled a man who knows that a quick fuck.is good but to make love to the pussy is even better will bring better performance outbof the woman in a waybof showing appreciation of you loving her. Im.not a big fan of getting oral for a guy but when havebit done its gd but i do love giving.



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