Image Of The Day!

Sometimes, you just have to tease him..  Let’s say he’s lying on his back, do the following..

– play around with your pussy..
– slide one or two fingers in it..
– spread it open so he can see the pinkness..
– expose your clit..
– spank your pussy.. That PA PA PA noise as you slap it turns him on..
– turn around so he can see your butt.. spread it so he can see your pussy and exhaust..
– squat over him so he can have a really close-up view of your pussy..
– if you’ve got some oil, rub it all over your pussy. A shiny pussy always looks ‘delicious’ and sexy..

SDD show Him



Sugar Dick Dupree

2 thoughts on “Image Of The Day!

  1. I love teasing shaven unshaved spread open wet creampied fingered jus everyway i do n snap a pic send him at work n jus hv him think of me at work lol



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