New Yr : Jalapeno


So, pa new years eve, I was offered a “Jalapeno Blowjob” by this other respectable woman I’ve known for a few months (32 yr old banker).

In all my life, I had never heard about this type of blow job before saka I was puzzled kuti what exactly is a Jalapeno Blowjob. I asked her kuti what was it but she refused to tell me. I’m very protective when it comes to my dick (I once got chewed up and bitten by some girl I briefly dated a few years ago) so I politely turned down her offer..

Saka today, I finally got to know what a Jalapeno Blowjob is. Apparently, It’s when a woman takes a small bite of a jalapeno pepper and chews it. Then, she drinks water to reduce the spicy effect. Finally, she gives you a blow job. That, ladies and gentlemen is what’s known as a Jalapeno Blowjob! Hanzi it feels “sexually spicy”..

Ha ha da!

Im thankful I refused. I once wiped a bit of Vicks on my dick head a few years ago (experimenting…) and IT WAS REALLY PAINFUL!!!! I think I once wrote about it. I don’t want to go through that sort of pain again. This Jalapeno Blowjob is too futuristic for me. I don’t think I can handle it. I fear it. I think that sorta stuff hurts. Can you imagine the irritation?? Ah, no thanks.



Sugar Dick Dupree

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