Adina Thinking Out Loud

Hie. Long time folks.. Lemme get straight into it..

Eish..I Love Giving A Breast Fuck..

I really enjoy a big dick jammed right in between my boobs. This is a wonderful feeling especially when he cups them together, squeezing and working them, eish. And then he slides his thick warm dick between them, squeezing it between them and then starts thrusting.. Askana ka, simply amazing. You should try it. Add a bit of oils to make it slippery.
I also really, really love looking downward in these situations, absorbing the scent of the dick, just feeling his meat in between me and seeing the head emerge from my breasts and vanish again. Dhemeti mhani!!!! I often stretch out my tongue and tease him, slightly touching his tip..
And then sometimes, he simply pushes further and the tip slides on my tongue..and then I lick off the pre-cum and suck or run my tongue around the tip.. I love it when he pushes it even further and his whole thick dick slides into my mouth and then I am happily sucking on him…

Heyi mhani, I love sucking dick. Ndinoda mboro rough!


Adina Shebeen

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