Hacked Account: The Hacking Continues

Publisher: Svirorist!

As usual, I hacked into someone’s online diary..and this is what I came across. I never knew she had a crush on me. She wrote this on the 3rd Of January 2015..

Here goes..

Eish, I can’t stop thinking about you.. Im sitting on my couch with my legs spread, slowly rubbing my clit through my panties & squeezing my tits just to get my pussy a little more wet.

I don’t care if you’re single, married, divorced….I want you, right here and right now. I wanna tear of your clothes, push you on the couch and rub your dick on my pussy whilst kissing you and running my right hand down your body. I want to grind my pussy against your dick and make you hard, make you moan for me as I kiss and nibble on your neck in all the right places, making you feel like you want to lose control to me…like you want to fuck me. HARD!

• I want to tear your shirt off and pull your boxers down as I devour your thick long dick with my tongue.
• I want to lick, suck & nibble your broad chest, whilst wanking your dick and make you groan so loud for me.
• I want to see your dick get wet with your pre-cum..
• I want to bite on your lips and whisper such dirty words in your ear. “you’re so fucking sexy, Sugar. I’m gonna make you explode all over my boobs, I want to make you scream my name all night.”

• I wanna sit on you, hold your hands down at the top of your head and fuck you hard whilst looking into your eyes!
• I want to push your fat dick in me hard, deep and fast…in the positions that will hit my g spot and make my entire body vibrate when I squirt hard on your dick.
• I want you to suck my nipples hard.
• I want you to grip my butt, squeeze it hard and slap it as I violently cum.
• heyi mhani, nhasi ndoda kukusvira!! I’m gonna fuck the shit out of you!!!


Clit Rub

I want this to be the best sexual experience you’ll ever have.

Yours and only yours..





Sugar Dick Dupree

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