What Happens In Harare, Stays In Harare


Author: Sugar Dick Dupree

Publisher: Svirorist!

All rights reserved



My man and I live in different cities, saka last week, I went to visit him for the weekend and we made love multiple times, but one particular time was unbelievably amazing. Argh, I saw stars! We were at some really boring sports bar and I wanted to leave. I kept telling him kuti lets go home.  So, after having a few drinks, we went to his flat to get ready for bed. I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth, dressed up in my pyjamas etc, and he got into bed. After I came out, I crawled into bed next to him, and we began kissing zviri passionately. From the way we were kissing, you could tell kuti we were both super horny!! Since we hadn’t made love in a long time, we were very, and I mean VERY into it. Hands started roaming… he pulled my top down to expose my boobs, slid ma panties angu to the side and began to touch me & make me moan. He ran his hands up and down my already wet pussy and then slid in one finger. I started moaning uncontrollably and even cumming on his fingers. He slid a second finger and started finger fucking me and playing ne ka beans kangu (my clit) at the same time. Whilst his fingers were inside of me, I grabbed his dick and begin to stroke it really fast. I pulled off his boxers and start licking the head, licking him up and down making him go krazy. He then pushed me off of him and got on top of me, ready to fuck the shit out of me. He literally tore off his t-shirt and rubbed his dick on my pussy, just to tease me. He then slid it inside of me and I moaned so loudly. He didnt stop pushing it in, till it was buried deep in me. Eish! He started thrusting it in and out and I could barely handle it. It felt sore but quite good at the same time. I loved how his balls slapped my butt as he fucked me. I pushed him off me, made him lie on his back and I got on top of him. I leaned forward and our sweaty skin was pressed tightly against each other as I rode him so good. He was pulling ma bed sheets as I rode him. It felt like a revenge fuck. I fucked him hard and slammed my booty on his groin. Iwe ka! Then I pulled his dick out of me and move up to his face,  sat on it and started face fucking him. I was riding his face as if I was sitting on a dick. Iye he had his tongue stuck out and licked me everywhere. Eish, I was moaning so much. I was so turned on. I jumped off his face, jumped onto his dick and started fucking him once more. He grabbed my ass zviri so tight and began fucking me. I love the feeling of his grabbing me that hard while he goes in and out..I loved hearing him roar and grunt underneath me. I grabbed his neck, looked directly into his eyes and watched him fuck me. Ai, it was just freaking sexy mhani! Even thinking about it now is making me wet.  I got off and he flipped me over, pulled me close to him, missionary. He slid zimboro rake (his dick) inside me and began pounding me into the mattress.. whilst our warm bodies were pressed against each other. He had his ear planted right next to mine saka I could hear every moan, roar, grunt and breath. Heyi mhani! He really fucked me and stretched my pussy with his dick. I had orgasms after orgasm. I held onto him tightly and demanded kuti he ejaculate in me. I wanted to feel his cum shooting in me. Dunno why, but it feels good, too good!! He started fucking me faster, then he lost rhythm, moaned loudly with his eyes shut and then exploded in me.. Maiwe zvangu! My eyes rolled as I felt every drop shooting in me..right down to the last drip..and it felt like it was a lot of it too! We both fell asleep, whilst he was still in me and woke up 20 minutes later. He pulled out and went to bath.. I got my ipad, logged online and wrote this…greatttt love making..







Sugar Dick Dupree





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