Men Can Fake Too!

So, do men fake anything during sex. Well, I’m not really sure but I think they do. It’s not something we discuss and it’s certainly never come up in any convos with my friends. Though some time ago, a friend’s friend once said he faked ejaculation. I dont know how he did it but he said he did.. But, have I, Sugar Dick Dupree The 8th Wonder Of The World, faked anything during sex??? Well, of course I have and still do! Actually, I do it quite a lot. I think if they held international competitions for that sort of thing, I’d win the World Cup! I’ve become an expert at it to such an extent yekuti I know when to fake them and when not to. I can even make my body react to the noises, AND my facial expressions even change too! I roll eyes, put on that “angry look” or even open my eyes really wide, let out a loud “OH SHIT” and pause for a few seconds just to make her think kuti her pussy has done something fantastic to my dick.

I know
• when exactly to make the noises,
• what sort of noise to make (there are many types by the way),
• the volume level (loud or semi silent),
• and whether they should be short or long (aah or aaaaaaaaaah)..

Im like a DJ at a party, just reading the crowd and setting the mood.

Why do I do it? It’s usually when I want to make her cum.. There comes a time when you are fucking her just right and she starts saying, “Oh Sugar yes…yes..yes..right there you wild pig…do it faster you rare dinosaur..faster.. faster” … lol… and I know I’m running low on power, I start to make the noises…

I don’t want to reveal exactly how I do it but trust me when I tell you that IT WORKS! It’s a tried and tested method and I will not stop using it..

Well, I’ve run out of stuff to say so…….



Sugar Dick Dupree.

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