Position Of The Day!

Position Of The Day..

Ndeipi (which means wsup), So, guys this is what you need to do to your woman tonight.. This position needs a bit of oil to liven up things.. plus all that slippery-ness feels good.

• Have your woman lying flat on her stomach…with her hands stretched out in front of her bent at the elbows or maybe gripping the edge of the bed…or even holding onto the bed linen..
• and her legs crossed at the ankles…
• Climb on top, distributing your weight evenly on her body so that you won’t crush her. This is important with all positions..Crushing her will make her feel uncomfortable, suffocated and will ruin the entire experience.
• Before sliding your joystick in her, make sure her legs are crossed at the ankles and the thighs are parted slightly to make entry easier.
• After taking these two simple steps, you should be inside and ready for the long stroke, Sugar Dick Dupree™ style…
• To get her involvement in this position, have her thrust her hips back into your pelvis while you stroke. That will intensify the sensation. If she’s one of those lazy ones, just bury your dick deep in her and start grinding it in her..

• when I’m in one of them “rough modes”, I place my hands on her shoulder pads, pinning her into the bed. I love it when I’m lying on top of her and breathing/saying all kinds of nasty shit into her ear

This is one of those positions you just have to cum in her…. Don’t even pull out until you have emptied everything in her..and then if she can handle your weight, lie on top of her (after cumming) for a few minutes, giving her kisses and nibbling on her neck

Reminds me of this girl named Shamiso (she got married last year to some giant). We had a quickie in this position and I had her screaming into palms. We were fucking outside on the lawn and I didn’t want the next door neighbours to hear so I covered her mouth with my hand. That turned her more. Her whole body vibrated as I grinded her. We both had our clothes on. All I did was just pull down her trousers to her knees, pulled my trousers to my knees, slid in my big dick and started grinding it into her.

So, yaah, that’s today’s Position Of The Day…

The threesome stororo is still in the pipeline. WordPress had issue regarding copyrights with the images I had used, so I’m looking for more images..



Sugar Dick Dupree

2 thoughts on “Position Of The Day!

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