Stororo: Letter To Victor


Author:Sugar Dick Dupree
Publisher: Svirorist!
Written, arranged and produced by SDD for Svirorist!
All Rights Reserved 2015

This one here is written from P Chihera’s perspective. Please note that this stororo is totally unconnected to the events going on in Zimbabwean jazz singer, Pah Chihera’s, life. Any likeness is purely coincidental, accidental, prophetical, financial and sexually asexual. Gosh, what am I saying?? That doesn’t even make sense. But yaah, you get the drift.. This stororo is about P Chihera’s letter to her boyfriend, Victor, explaining to him why she cheated on him during their separation.

Sugar Dick Dupree, P Chihera And Ronny Making Music: Letter To Victor

“Dear Victor..

I miss you and what I am asking from you is a second chance, Victor. I promise I will change and will not hurt you again, I admit what I did was wrong and I promise from the bottom of my heart that I will never talk to Sugar and Ronny, I have changed and will not hurt you again. All I am just asking from you is a second chance; Please please please, I promise I will never hurt you. But the thing is, you are not even allowing me back into you life because you say you want me to tell you what truly transpired that night. Ok, your wish is my command. I will write everything. Before you read this. I want to admit to you that I did have sex with both Sugar and Ronny. It was only that one time and have never done it since. I did it because I missed you and convinced myself I was doing it with you. I don’t know whether I should write this because I don’t want to get anyone in trouble. Forgive me baby. I truly do love you.

So, how should I start this one? Yaah, so, last week, I was invited to Ronny’s birthday party, it was his 30th birthday and he celebrated with a few people at his place. There was a lot of beer, loads of people, loud music. As you know, I live almost two hours away so I decided kuti I should stay overnight because Ronny didn’t want me to take a taxi back home so late in the middle of the night, PLUS he was too drunk to drive anyway. I wasn’t prepared for that but it was the only logical thing to do..I also wasn’t prepared kuti his best friend, Sugar, would stay there as well. Read on and understand.

Sugar was pretty handsome and many times during the evening, he flirted with me, but I never really flirted back because you were all I was thinking of. You could see kuti he was really interested in me. He reminded me so much of you and I bizarrely found myself sorta liking him. I don’t know what had entered me. But the thing is he was a friend’s ex boyfriend so he was absolutely taboo for me. He was a NO GO AREA. Besides, I’m not the type to wanna make things strange between friends. But obviously them two were already prepared for “strange happenings”. Victor, I want you to understand that I love you with all my heart and please sweetie, do not be anguished with what’s written in the next paragraphs.

Saka everyone left at around 3 am and the three of us got busy with cleaning up. I was tired and somewhat horny at the same time. I am sure they had spiked my drink because I was too horny. Ronny then suggested kuti I should go to sleep in the bedroom, and they’d clean up the lounge.

30 minutes later, there I was tossing and turning, lying half asleep, thinking about you and hoping you’d somehow would walk in the room and sexually ravage me. Sad isn’t? That’s how much I missed you baby. I was even naked, Victor. Naked just for you baby, but where were you?? Nowhere to be found.

It then hit me kuti there was only one bedroom so you can imagine the confusion I went through as both Ronny and Sugar walked in, switched off the lights and got in bed…with me sandwiched in the middle. A few minutes later, Sugar got out of bed, removed all of his clothes, and then jumped back into bed. I presume he was hot.

Eish Victor. I know you are short, and Sugar is tall…and you are a bit chubby, and Sugar is muscular…and you have an average dick..whereas his is deliciously big..but he still reminded me of you sweetie. I know you won’t believe this but you do look very, very similar. You might think I’m lying sweetie, but I’m not.

I really want to be truthful here, Victor, because I love you. As I lay in the middle of the two guys, I couldn’t stop thinking about you baby. I remembered how you once said you hated Ronny so much, so out of deep respect for you, I turned to face Sugar. I wanted to move away from Ronny as much as possible, and by doing that, I found myself inching closer and closer to Sugar. In the end, my nipples ended up being slightly pressed against his massive thigh over his muscular thighs and with his fat dick dangerously close my pussy. Eish Victor..My lips were really close to his lips and as I looked into his eyes, all I could see was you. I was lost! He placed his massive hand on my butt, squeezed it and pulled me even closer to him. One thing led to another and we began kissing. The kissing instantly became heavy, accompanied by heavy breathing..and that shit was turning me on. He was a freaking good kisser..and I loved the way he had his tongue in my mouth.. He had his massive hands all over my butt and back. I was frantically jerking off his big dick, and playing with his balls..Victor ka! I felt his hands all over my body…and then there were two other hands as well and lips!! Yes Victor, Ronny had joined in on the act. Eish, it was sheer madness and from there, things sorta went into a blur..

Ronny moved closer to me, and I could feel his dick pressed against my butt. I then laid on my back, looking up at the ceiling with my eyes closed..and the two immediately started sucking my on the left and the other on the right. Just the thought that these two had planned this all made me even prepared for a threesome. I couldn’t really tell kuti who was doing what, I had my eyes closed most of time just to enjoy the feeling but they got quite kinky, quite fast. I am really not a big fan of nipple sucking but as they both sucked on them, it made me moan out loudly, especially while I felt fingers wander all over my wet pussy. It didn’t feel like there were 20 fingers touching me, it was like there were hundreds of fingers touching my skin, especially as things got hotter. Maiwe kani!!

I bit into Sugar’s beefy shoulder as one of them pushed three fingers inside me without warning. So far they had been teasing me, but suddenly they got rougher. I started moving my hips against the fingers inside me, still biting into Sugar’s shoulder so I wouldn’t moan too loud. Ha ha da, that didn’t even help because as I felt a finger slide up my exhaust, I screamed out! My eyes rolled back as they started moving their fingers in the same rhythm inside my wet pussy, and to be honest with you Victor, I have no idea how they quickly replaced their fingers with their dicks because I was so trapped in my own pleasure. But as soon as I felt them both inside me I couldn’t hold back any longer, I needed a dick inside me. I jumped onto Sugar, reverse cowgirl position, and started bouncing up and down his dick…

Threesome 1

It was so fat and long, and stretched my pussy. It sorta hurt but pain was the last thing on my mind. Besides, the pain felt great and I wanted him to ram it up me. I needed a rough fuck anyway. Ronny stood on the bed and I started sucking his dick wildly! Iwe ka, I was going crazy. The noises Sugar was making made me lose it, and I violently came on his dick.. Ronny got off the bed, stood right in front of me and ordered me to wrap my hands around his neck..I did likewise & he lifted me off Sugar, slid his thick dick inside me and started fucking me, in mid air!! Eish, he banged the shit out of me!!!! My butt and legs shook as Ronny fucked me. My juices were spraying all over the floor.

He then stopped, and carefully placed me back to sit on Sugar’s dick in cowgirl position. Aaaah, Victor. I was on cloud nine. I’ve never been fucked like that in my life.. I was so horny I didn’t know what was going on..

They took turns in fucking me. It was fucking amazing! I was so horny and mega turned on that I really needed them both in me at the same time..Yes! Two dicks in me. I needed one in my pussy and the other in my exhaust!! In seconds, Ronny slid in his fat cock up my arse..

Threesome 2

Victor! I cannot begin to describe the feeling!

Threesome 3

This is what was happening to me..
• multiple orgasms
• multiple orgasms
• screaming
• more multiple orgasms
• body shaking orgasms
• and more screaming!!!

By the end, I was left paralyzed. I don’t know how everything ended.. All I know is I woke up thinking about you, because I love you..

You know what, Lemme end here because I miss you so much and I will end up crying..

Threesome 4


SVI to the RO to the RIST!

Sugar Dick Dupree

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