Tips From President Dupree

“Heyy there Dupree, you sexy ostrich. I’m clueless when it comes to Foreplay. How do I please my man? Can you help me sweetheart”..

Yeah, sure.  Pretend it’s your man telling you all this..

Here goes..

He just got in the bedroom…

– make sure the bedroom is clean.. And that it smells nice..
– light up scented candles.. One or two will be alright..
– place some flower petals on the bed.. Yes, it’s girly, but it looks nice..
– have some soft music playing in the background..

And when I walk into the room..

– kiss me gently
– hug me..
– kiss me some more.. Get a bit of tongue action going on..
– remove my clothes..
– remove your clothes.. Oh by the way, make sure you’re wearing something sexy..not mish mash..
– gently push me onto the bed..
– make me lie flat on the bed, face down..
– kiss, nibble and lick me all over.. Be gentle please.. And no, don’t lick my dick or balls yet. Just brush dangerously close past them.. Maybe you can kiss the balls.. Actually, just kiss the balls and my dick..


– get some scented massage oils or baby oil..
– pour the oils all over my back, biceps, butt, thighs, legs etc..
– make sure my legs are spread apart (obviously not too wide apart, but wide enough so that you can see my balls and big dick).. It turns me on knowing kuti you can see them..
– start rubbing the oils all over my body..
– do it gently..
– when you’ve poured enough oil, you can start massaging me.
– note the difference between massaging and rubbing please.. You rub first and then massage..
– massage me all over..
– massage my back, just above my butt, my shoulders, the sides of my tummy..
– massaging my scalp will relax me.. Relaxing is good for me because it delays premature ejaculation..


– my butt is very sensitive..
– my inner thighs are sensitive..
– concentrate on those areas please..
– sit on me and slide up and down my back..
– I love how your wet pussy feels on my back.. It’s warmth turns me on..
– your breasts sliding on my back feels good..
– lie flat on my back and continue sliding..
– always breath into my ear. That shit turns me on and drives me wild. Whisper sweet nothings into my ear..

Turn me over..

– do the same thing.. Pour the oils, rub and massage me..
– things get interesting from here because I’m a visual creature.. I get easily turned on by what I see in front of me.. I can see your body, those glistening breasts dripping with oil and that wet pussy.. Turns me on!
– pour oils on my six pack and chest..
– then sit on me, and start sliding up and down my torso..
– do it with your legs wide open so I can see that pussy..
– smother my face with your boobs..
– bring your pussy very close to my face.. Let it touch my lips..
– slide down to my dick..
– pour lots of oil there..
– grab my dick and rub it all over your pussy..
– rub your clit with it..
– slap your pussy with it. That PWA PWA PWA sound turns me on..
– play with my balls.. Cup them and gently massage them..
– stroke my dick..
– grab it and rub it all over your boobs..
– squeeze the head to get the juices out and rub them all over your nipples..
– grab its base and slap your breasts with the dick..
– place it between them, order me to squeeze them together and start giving me a breast fuck..
– turn around so I can see your butt..
– start sliding up and down.. bringing your butt to my face..
– actually, smother my face with it..

Take your time, there no need to rush things.
Hope this helps



Sugar Dick Dupree


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