Church Choir Brother Confesses To Pastor Dupree

Author: Sugar Dick Dupree
Publisher: Svirorist!
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Brother Craig confesses.

BROTHER CRAIG:  Pastor, My soul is troubled. I need to get something off my chest. Just where do I even begin?? I’m such a fuck up and my life is slowly crumbling around me. Sorry for the language but, honestly speaking, It’s my own doing. I’m completely at fault here.

PASTOR DUPREE: Go ahead, Brother Craig. Let it out. Tell the Pastor everything.

BROTHER CRAIG: Alright, here goes. Just 3 years ago, l joined a printing company and everything was going well. The bosses liked me and within months, I was promoted to being the sales team leader and earning a good salary. My promotion meant kuti I only handled big orders, and dealt directly with our most demanding clients. So, there was this woman who wanted our company to print high quality flyers for her business so I agreed. We started working together, and I must say, we instantly clicked. She was single, in her 40s, had huge soft breasts, wide hips and an ass so big you could see from the front! She was…

PASTOR DUPREE: Shit-o shit-o shit-o!!! mama mia!! lucky bastard…

BROTHER CRAIG: Sorry, Pastor, I didn’t quite get what you said. Can you please repeat it..

PASTOR DUPREE: Its okay son, I was just praying.. in tongues.. Go ahead with your story, I’m listening..

BROTHER CRAIG:  ok..yaah.. So we got along like house on fire, and it’s like we had known each other for years. As the weeks passed by, we started falling for each other in a big way. I mean, one thing led to another and before you know it, we were in a relationship. I had lied to her kuti I was married because i didn’t want her to stress me..I just didn’t want the hassle and stresses of a normal relationship. She fell for the lie and we agreed we’d keep our relationship secret.

PASTOR DUPREE: Tell me about the sex part, Brother Craig. I need to know everything… Be explicit. Its important.


BROTHER CRAIG: Kkkkkk lol. Pastor, she was wild and dominant. She’d stand right in front of me,
• lift her skirt up,
• move her panties to the side,
• hold the back of my head,
• and then would push her pussy into my mouth..
That used to get me really hard. I’d end up removing my pants and furiously start jacking off my big dick. She loved it when I stuck my long tongue in her pussy AND always came on my face whenever I sucked on her clit. She freaking enjoyed it when I tied her hands to the bed, and licked her pussy for hours!


Anyway, things went downhill at the company after the accountant stole all the company’s moneys and ran off with his wife younger sister to Botswana. The company shut down and I had to leave Zimbabwe, and moved to South Africa. With the way everything was all hectic and stressful, I lost contact with her.

Things didn’t go well in South Africa, so I decided to move back to Zimbabwe and start my own company. A month or so later, I met a really lovely young woman whom I instantaneously fell in love with. Honestly, Pastor, from day one, I knew kuti this was the woman I was going to marry. We hit it off and we were both in love. I introduced her to my family, and then she decided kuti she’d introduce me to her mother. I couldn’t wait to meet my potential mother-in-law!

At her house, we were in the lounge cuddling, waiting for her mother to come back from work. When she walked in, I wanted the ground to swallow me up whole. It was the woman I used to fuck with!! Eish, my jaws just dropped and didn’t know what to do. She looked seriously shocked but pretended as if everything was alright.

We had dinner and chatted but I was pretty uncomfortable throughout the whole thing. My woman thought it was just nerves, but if only she knew.. A week or two later, I got a call from an unknown number and I just answered. It was the girl’s mum calling me, breathing fire down the phone and demanding me to dump her daughter. She made a lot of threats and said if i didn’t dump her, she’d tell her what happened between us. She got me scared because she started talking about involving the police and since she was a connected woman, I feared the worst. She then asked if we could meet up at her work place to discuss the issue, so I agreed.
Whilst in her office, she jumped onto me, started being all nice, turned on her charm and started kissing me. She whipped out my dick and started stroking it whilst saying sweet nothings. Her heavy breathing turned me on, the way my eyes rolled back turned her on..I failed to control myself and found myself kissing her back. One thing led to another and we were fucking on her desk. We have been having sex twice a week ever since.


As the months went by, I proposed. My woman started organising the wedding with her best friend. The best friend seemed to spend literally every hour with us… and that sorta allowed me to observe her. As they interacted, I could see kuti she was more intelligent than my woman. She was confident, cooked good food  and I liked that. Actually, I grew to like her and found her attractive. Days before the wedding, she came to my house to drop off a few items. As I opened the door, she hugged me and I couldn’t let go. I kissed her, heavy breathing then followed and in no time, we were frantically ripping our clothes off each other’s body! Before I knew what was happening, we were already fucking. I lifted her up, and banged her hard in mid air. She was squirting so much and it was trickling down my balls and thighs. We snarled at each other as we fucked, looking directly into each others eyes. It was a noisy, very wet,hard, quick fuck and it was just amazing! I came solo much, and it took me ages to recover.

Anyway, we had a good wedding, and never saw much of her best friend after that. I think they fell out over something. A few months later my wife fell pregnant and when she called her best friend to tell her the good news, her best also told her kuti she was expecting and would be giving birth any day. She said she didn’t wanna talk about the baby’s dad because “he was busy with other things“. Me, being suspicious, started calculating and then concluded that the baby had to be mine. I know for fact it’s mine because I remember very well that I ejaculated in her.

My wife gave birth to a beautiful girl and her best friend also gave birth to a boy. The best friend is coming over in a few weeks to show us her baby, who apparently looks just like the day. I’ve tried to talk my wife out of inviting her best friend but she is just too excited. I mean, this is her childhood best friend, so the excitement is sky high. On the other hand, my mother-in-law seems to be reaching her sexual peak and demanding more sex. She seems madly in love with me and calls me more than four times a day. I can’t sleep with stress. I fear I might just start talking in my sleep confessing everything. I need to get the heck out of this situation? Help! I’m hopelessly dishonest to my wife, fucking my mother-in-law AND her best friend is having my baby. Pray for me pastor!

PASTOR DUPREE: Oh My Gosh! Transfer some money into my personal bank account, I have some strong, special oil for you. Can you give me the mother’s number. I need to pray for her personally..



Sugar Dick Dupree

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