Positions Of The Day

Well, its been ages since I’ve posted anything regarding positions. Err…er…gosh, I’ve just forgotten what I wanted to say.. Don’t worry, it wasn’t anything major anyway.

So, yaah, today’s positions are really a variation of the Missionary position. I’ll call these positions Missionary AD (After Dupree).. As you know, It was me who modified the missionary position.

You’re probably telling yourself kuti there’s no difference, but these slight alterations can drastically change the outcome, increasing the excitement, intimacy, and orgasms. Trust me on this. (By the way, KUTI, pronounced koo-tee, means THAT)..


In all honesty, the missionary position is the “most dangerous” because it’s the number one position for premature ejaculation. All that close contact, the body heat, the eye contact, the breathing etc etc will have you ejaculating in seconds! Avoid this position as your “starting position” especially if you’re unfit. Yeah, in most cases, premature ejaculation is linked with tiredness. Fit men usually last long in bed, and unfit men don’t.

Lemme start, I’m saying too many things….

Here are the key benefits of the Missionary Position
• very intimate..
• eye contact..
• you can see each other’s ugly facial expressions..
• very comfortable, and easy to get into..
• you can both breathe into each other’s ears
• close body contact
• bla bla bla.. You already know…

Missionary AD Number 1 (below)

• with your legs up like that, you’re always guaranteed deep, deep penetration
• always keep in mind kuti in missionary, the higher your legs go, the deeper the penetration..The further back you push them, the greater the penetration.
• If he’s well endowed, then AVOID the above position

Missionary AD 2
Sugar Dick Dupree Tips
• when you close your legs like that, it provides a “tight fit”, which means your pussy suddenly feels a bit tighter for him, and there’s a bit more friction.
• Actually, whenever you close your legs together like that in any position, you magically become a bit tighter..
• tell him to suck or lick your toes (good luck if he’s African)..lol
• the penetration is also quite deep in the above position..

Missionary AD 3
• in the above image, she has her feet sorta wrapped around his carves. This prevents her from moving all over the place, ensuring undisturbed pounding.
• she’s also licking his nipples. (Most men have sensitive nipples and butts…by the way).
• I personally love that ‘Monkey Grip’. It’s a huge turn on for us men. Most women tend to just place their hands on the bed, pulling the bed sheets or some crap like that. Don’t do it, it’s stupid! Hold onto your man sweetie, or at least dig your fingers into his butt and back. Please note, I said dig your fingers, NOT sink your nails.. Sinking your nails into him can ruin the experience. An ex(the one who chewed up my dick) did it to me once, and it was painful!!

Missionary AD 4
• I don’t know what to say here, so let’s just enjoy the nipple licking. This post is turning out to be not so informative, isn’t it? Started off informative but ending off as a commentary. Ha ha da!
• By the way, I baked a cake the other day.
• leave comments please, I enjoy reading them and please share the blog..

Missionary AD 4
• breathe into each other’s ears
• say all those nasty things to each other (“you are as sexy as a camel”, “you sexy lizard” etc….)
• moan, grunt, scream (not loudly, but loud enough), roar, breath hard.. Don’t just keep quiet!
• Always make some sort of noise, women don’t like quiet men.

Missionary AD 5
• Here is where things get interesting. He is applying pressure on her clit. To do this, he has to move his body further up towards her, and then grind his dick into her.
• She helps him by pulling him even closer (the Monkey Grip)..
• you must grind it deep in her, pushing her into the mattress.
• don’t take your dick out, do very short strokes. The whole point is to apply pressure on the clit and keeping your dick in her pussy.
• when you’re grinding it in her, do a bit of tongue kissing.

Missionary AD 6
SDD 6<I'

• most women do enjoy being pinned down like that, but when you do it, gents, please be aware of your weight.
• Make sure you don’t put too much weight on her because it will ruin the experience. She will stop enjoying the dick and will start to focus on the pain caused by your weight.
• Apart from that, this is my all time favorite position..

• Spank him, grab his butt hard, rub his back, pull him in you, lick his neck, spread your butt cheeks apart so his balls can slap against your exhaust..

I’m running out of things to say so….



Sugar Dick Dupree

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  1. On yeah this blog is where I have gained knowledge of boob and butt… Thanks to everyone who shares their knowledge on the blog..



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