Sex With A Virgin

Hello everyone. Apologies for the long absence. I was very busy in space defending the earth from an alien invasion. Yes, we were that close to a deadly war with an alien race so I was tasked by the United Nations to lead a strong delegation of….ag, I don’t want to get into detail because this is scary stuff, plus its a top secret thingy, so without further delay, let me get into this post. I will write about virgins today.

I’m sure I’ve written a piece on this. I’ remember saying stuff like “sex with a virgin is overrated” bla bla bla.. Dunno know. I can’t quite remember. That’s one of the biggest disadvantages of having a big dick. You have memory loss issues because the brain spends 90% of the time powering the dick.

So without further delay, let me start. I’ll do “an interview” kinda post.. You will understand it better.

Here goes..

Adina Shebeen (AS) interviews Sugar Dick Dupree (SDD).

AS: Greetings Mr Dupree. I welcome you on the Adina Show. How are you doing?

SDD: Hie, Adina. Thank you very much for having me on your show. I’m good.

AS: Mr Dupree, let’s get straight into this. Mr Mboyo from South Africa got married last night and his wife will be coming home tomorrow. She’s a virgin and he wants advice on how to handle her in bed tomorrow night. He’s never had sex with a virgin before, but he’s had sex before.. What advice would you give him?

SDD: OK. Well, virgins are a pain when it comes to sex. They do not know anything and the session is usually boring, dull, slow and lifeless. Mr Mboyo needs to follow the following instructions..
• The most important thing to realise is that this session is NOT about you. Its all about her. Forget about your enjoyment. Actually, forget about your needs!
YOU MUST BE VERY GENTLE. I will say it again. You MUST be VERY gentle. EVERYTHING MUST be gentle, nice and slow from beginning to end.
• It’s all about MAKING HER FEEL RELAXED and COMFORTABLE! The best way to get her to relax is to massage her. I hope you understand this.
• Always keep in mind that this is her first time so there will be lots of pain if you don’t do it right.
• By the way, with some virgins, if she’s nervous or not relaxed enough, her pussy ‘CLOSES’. Yes, it actually closes to such an extent that your dick’s head will not even go in! Trust me, it happened to me. I couldn’t even get in. I think I managed to get the tip of the head in but it felt like there was a wall. Your finger will easily slide in, but your dick won’t! When it ‘closes’, the best thing to do is to completely STOP. Abandon the mission! If you keep trying to force things, you will end up hurting her and your dick.. Just stop, cuddle her and start doing other things.

If all is going well, follow the instructions::

– finger fuck her with two fingers (IF she can handle them). This sorta clears the way..
– make sure she is wet before you slide your dick in her.
– use lubricants or baby oil..
– make sure she is VERY relaxed. Do not put her under pressure. This is very important. If she doesn’t feel comfortable, the pain can become unbearable.

Once you’re in..

DO NOT bang hard and fast because it will hurt. Be gentle and LISTEN to her. 
Do not plunge your entire dick into her, unless she tells you to.

TALK to her throughout the session, asking her if it hurts, or if she wants it a bit faster, or slower.

So, in conclusion… Be gentle, make sure she’s relaxed, communicate and take things really slow. Remember, this session is NOT about you. Make it a special for her because she will remember this for the rest of her life.
Get some soft music playing in the background, light up some scented candles and just have some flowers in the room. Girls like flowers, dunno why.. Make sure you look and smell good for the occasion..

AS: I guess that covers everything. Thank you Mr Dupree for giving Mr Mboyo advice.. Have you got anything else you might want to add??

SDD:  You’re welcome. Allow me to say….



Sugar Dick Dupree


I’m not going to check for grammatical/spelling errors so if you come across any, correct them in your head....

5 thoughts on “Sex With A Virgin

  1. You’re soo right about being a virgin, and having sex for the first time. As far as I can recalled it’s the worst sex I’ve ever had in my life. It was like yesterday since it had happened.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. l love the way you fuck baby, we call it okutomba in luganda, one of bantu language spoken in Uganda.



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