Madam Moyo


Author: Adina Shebeen
Publisher: Svirorist!
All rights reserved!

She is beautiful, an exquisite piece of art….curves in the right places and every thing in right proportions and dimensions. Yes she was deathly beautiful in a juxtapose way ,the way a forest fire is beautiful: something to be admired from a distance, not up close and personal..

She had a stately appearance about her that which is graceful ,dignified yet seduces, captivates and holds you prisoner until she releases you from her spell.. . alluring in a sense .

Word on the rumour mill had it that the town clerk Mr Chidemo spent all his salary in her house whilst his kids walked around barely naked. That’s why water cuts only happened in the roads after her house. The ZESA (Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority) boss Mr Chakanetsa had emerged out of her house hastily with his zip open the other day.. Lord knows which meter he was reading…

The country’s opposition party leader Senator Dupree also pays his respects frequently… and frequent here means like every morning…. and daily party donations were distributed from her house .

Like bulls to the slaughter men trotted to her house in droves.
Well to be honest men should be forgiven to rise to the bait this woman was.. beautiful even other women paid compliments .She was like a Photoshop product.. a manufactured mannequin .
So I decided to get her number and try my luck. I texted her” Heyy’re so gorgeous.. I want you ..”

And that was a brave thing to do considering that she was way out of my league and much older, but I wanted her .I wanted her with all that I owned in the world which wasn’t much ,but my dick throbbed just by seeing her. I had downloaded her Facebook profile picture onto my phone and lying in my room countless times, I had masturbated in her honour and the torture had to come to an end .I wanted to fuck her until she called my name. I wanted her to desire me as much as i wanted her. I wanted her to scream my name and curl her toes in ecstasy. I wanted my dick between those luscious hips.
• I wanted her with every breath I took
• I had to have her …
The reply came after two weeks .,,.
She knew me …” I know you and know that you have desired me since ages ago, however every good thing has a prize tag..try month end with enough cash for the deal..”

That was it ! I got so excited could not eat for days. I had a hard on almost everyday. I took overtime at work and that month I worked like never before.


I could not sleep the whole night .Kept waking up. Maiwe, I was so excited ..My cock was stiff the whole night.

I waited for a sign and before midday the most important text came …”Waiting …”
My heart did a dance and I made my way to her house I had a hard on already.
• She opened the door and she just had a sexy robe on.
• She quickly took it off and beckoned for the money .
I put two hundred dollars in her hand and she did not waste time. She grabbed my neck gave me a peck and started sucking my nipples .

She bent a knee up and opened her legs encouraging me to explore.

She pulls her head back, I drive for the kill and fucking hell!! an array of labia.. I get excited I start playing with her labia. Oh goodness it has been so long since I have felt this way, my head is spinning. I can’t think straight.

I pull her to me and continue kissing her. My hand is on her hip and I grab a handful of her butt pulling her cheeks apart.
She softly moans into my mouth her tongue caressing mine. My hand inched down her cheek until I feel the hair lightly covering her lips touch my fingers. She clenches her butt and draws in a deep breath and pushes little toward my fingers. I just move with her and not allowing my fingers to touch her pussy lips.

Moving slowly, I am taking in how she feels and reacts to my touch. She has one hand holding my cock and the other slowly massaging my balls. Her finger is tracing around my head and dipping it in cock juice that is slowly oozing from the tip..rubbing it into my cock keeping me rock hard.

I can taste her juices as they start to emerge .

She bends a knee further and opens her thighs encouraging me to explore.

I pull her to me and continue kissing her tits .My hand is on her hip and I grab a handful of her boob sinking my hand into the soft flesh.

She softly moans into my mouth her tongue caressing mine.

My hand inching down her cheek until I feel the hair lightly covering her lips touch my fingers. She clinches her butt and draws in a deep breath and pushes little toward my fingers. I just move with her and not allowing my fingers to touch her lips.

She pulls me closer, “yes Gidza that feels so good. ”

I feel her clit as my tongue hits the base and I flatten out covering it and start wiggling it lightly at first and then increasing the pressure.
I keep on licking and flicking her clit. She pushes her pussy harder into my mouth. She has a hold of my head pulling me into her thrust.

She tightens her legs around my head and trembles while uttering softly oh !!oh, ooooh. I take her clit in my mouth and lightly suck while flicking the tip. She bucks and I hold on making sure I don’t stop. She finally releases my head from her death grip. I relax and let her catch her breath while lightly petting her. I feel her pussy with my finger and work my way to her opening. The outside is wet and slick so I coat my finger good and slowly press it against her hole and it starts to slide in.

She moans loudly, her cunt is tight!

I get it in an inch or two to find she is not as moist as I wanted. I keep working to see if I can get her wetter. After a few minutes I stop not wanting to irritate her… we are going to need some lube.
She looks down, that was great I had forgotten how good it feels to cum.
I got a tub of baby oil and I put some on my fingers and smeared it around her pussy making sure I get enough in her.
I applied some to my cock which was now shining rock hard and made sure there was plenty on the head. I get between her legs and I touch my head to her pussy lips. I reach down and I rub the head up and down her slit. I place my head against her hole and apply pressure. A little more and I feel it start to open and my head slides in, I stop soon as the ridge passes through.

She grabs my shoulder and exclaims “oooh shit.!”

I wait a moment and let her adjust. I push forward and her pussy starts swallowing my cock. I get about half in and let her rest a second. I can feel her pussy spasm as it is trying to accommodate my cock.

I work back and forth getting a little more in each time. She begins to push back. Her pussy is tight but is handling me well. It is not long before she starts getting wetter. Working it slow in and out going a little deeper on each down stroke.

Finally I feel my balls come to rest on her ass. I flex my pelvic muscles and push in and grind.
Fuck ! I’m so deep in her and can feel my cock grinding her pelvic bone .I’m sucking on her breasts whilst she savours the taste of my dick .

I pull all the way back leaving only the head in and then push back in. One long stroke after another pushing in and grinding against her pussy.

She starts thrusting back and grunting.
I run my hand over her body and rub her tits while fucking her deep. My cock is driving in and out of her with long solid strokes and she is taking all of my cock each time. I push it in .

Her pussy lips clings to my cock like tentacles every time I pull back. Her pussy gripping cock trying to keep it deep inside of her. She is wet enough, but not too wet I feel every fold of her pussy as I slide it in and out.

I flex my kegel muscle on every stroke so the hard ridge of my head rubs her g spot. I see the look of desire and lust, the same look all women have when pure carnal pleasure has them right at that edge.

Waiting for that one stroke or flex that sends them over into that moment of true release were they lose complete control of their bodies, minds and words. I know I have her right there, her eyes begging for that total release.

I pull back until only the head remains inside her, I flex and push all the way in and grind my head into her cervix and it happens. She closes her eyes, grabs my butt and I feel her pussy convulsing hard around my cock.

She can only utter sounds, oooooooh ummm ssss.!!Her pussy squeezing me tight and her primal sounds was all it took. I felt the build up start I leaned in to her ear and whispered, I going to cum in you. I am going to shoot my hot sticky cum deep in your womb.

I push it all the way in and I let loose. My balls start unloading into her, pulse after pulse it felt like it was coming up from my toes. It had been so long since I have cum like that.

I can feel it oozing out around my cock and running down my balls. She is breathing hard now just moaning after each wave that moves through her.

She finally comes down and is breathing hard, it take a few minutes before she says anything.
I smiled and flexed and made it jump inside her.I was still hard.

I move it back and forth slowly feeling my head churning all our fluids around inside her pussy.

My movement is forcing more cum out around my cock and runs down her butt crack.
She loved the feel of my cock buried in her tight pussy.
I stay in her moving it in small motions, Her pussy gripping and milking my cock.

I felt her getting tighter on my cock. I Let it go and I reach up and roll her nipple .
She has another orgasm that rocks her body hard. I just hold still and let her enjoy.
I have never had one trigger so fast after cumming all ready.

I pull my cock out, her pussy is all red and her lips a swollen. Her hole is wide open and the cum is running out. I go and get us a towel and wipe her up and get back on the bed my cock bouncing and glistening as I move.

I told her it has been over a year since I had sex. She had rolled to her side with her back to me and I slide up behind her. Her butt is so big her swollen pussy lips jutted out there like a big red target. I took hold of my cock and put it to her lips.

Then I pushed my cock into her .
I am sliding my rod in and out of her slowly loving the added pressure from her legs being together.

I reach in front and play with her nipples and rub her body
it does not take long and she is moaning louder and louder.
I keep moving thrusting in and out.

I just keep my rhythm and drive my cock into to her pussy over and over. It seems she would no more finish one orgasm and would start another. I guess my angel had me driving right into her g spot every time. I feel her pussy working my cock, sucking at it trying to drain my balls,

I feel the tingle and I know it is about go…she is rotating her butt against me pressing back taking me deeper.

Her pussy grabs hold and it feels like it is sucking my cock. I grab her hips and push in and hold, oh my I am cuming. My cock jerking and throbbing.
She cums too.

We lay there for a long moment, my cock still wedged up inside her. Every little movement slides it around extracting moans from deep inside her.

She turns to face me. We kiss goodbye and then she holds my face and says ;
“You are an amazing man. ”


Adina Shebeen

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