Image Of The Day


I know this isn’t one of them “Position Of The Day” posts but I feel like I should give tips on what to do in this ‘position’. (He’s just getting her warmed up)

• operating word here is GENTLE
• just gently run your hands all over her body, and gently squeeze those breasts and nipples..
• make sure your dick stays “glued” to her ass so that she can feel it getting harder and harder. Women like that shit. You don’t need to push it up against her in order for her to know that its there. She already knows it’s there.. Just gently tease her..
• the warmth of your dick rubbing against her ass will definitely arouse her..
• kiss gently and nibble on her neck..
• rub her shoulders and kiss her back..
• breathe properly. I know most guys tend to hold their breath when horny (guys do that all the time because they think making noise is girly) but women DO enjoy the noises. NEVER do silent breathing.
• spread her legs apart and spank her pussy with your dick..

I’ve run out of stuff to say…. So



Sugar Dick Dupree


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