Tip Of the Day

I’m not sure if this image is going to work. If it’s static, just click on it.

But anyway, this is meant for the ladies..

Ever wondered what your man sees when you fuck him in the Reverse Cowgirl position?? Well, he sees your butt, exhaust, back (musana), thighs and pussy..

To make things more pleasing/enjoyable for him, put some baby oil all over your ass, thighs, exhaust, back and tell him to rub it all over you. All that glistening going on, and the slippery-ness makes everything look really sexy! It looks really pleasing to the eye. It just makes you look “juicy”.


He should also rub some all over his torso.
The wetter, the better..

Spread your butt cheeks apart so that he can see his dick sliding in and out of your pussy.

Slam into him so that your butt ‘makes waves’.. Trust me, that shit always turns us on.

If you enjoy getting spanked, then feel free to tell him..

As for you guys, don’t spank too hard because you will ruin the moment or any sort of orgasm building up. Just spank lightly, and make sure you run your hands all over her butt. Spread it, gently dig your fingers into it, gently press the exhaust or just rub it lightly and spread it.. Just lie back and get fucked.

I think that’s all I can say regarding this position. So since I’ve run out of stuff to say, I’m gonna sign out!

Icho! (Which means THERE IT IS!)


Sugar Dick Dupree

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