What Happens In Arcadia, Stays In Arcadia!

This is a quick, short one.. It just happened like 15 minutes ago. I’m not sure what to make of it though.. I’ll give you a brief run down of what exactly took place..

I’m in the lounge now, and I’ll have to stop writing the moment someone walks in.. so please prepare yourself for an abrupt end to this..

• SO, we were in a swimming pool at a gated community complex cooling off..
• just the five of us..
• it was me, Yusuf, his girlfriend, his friend named Jacob and his girlfriend, Chelyne..
• We were just chilling in the pool, talking about random stuff and politics..
• I was literally lying throughout the whole conversation and made it look like I was well connected to the politicians we were talking about..
• I was in high spirits, not just because I’m a happy individual, but because I had the best body out of the two guys, which meant kuti I was the centre of the ladies’ attraction.. Hey, don’t judge me. You would have done the same thing if you were me.
• Anyhoo, you could tell kuti the ladies were enjoying looking at me, particularly Chelyne..
• She is 26 and has been dating Jacob since high school. He’s her first ever and only boyfriend..
• throughout the whole time, I felt some sort of attraction towards her..
• You could tell kuti she is infatuated by Yours Sincerely Sugar Dick Dupree.. After all, I am one devastatingly handsome sexy beast!


• Yusuf and Jacob got out of the pool, and went to buy some meat to barbeque.

• there was too much chlorine in the pool and it started irritating my eyes.
• Chelyne suggested I should head to the shower to wash it off..
• I got out of the pool and headed to the bathroom (shower)..
• I got in there, took the beach shorts I was wearing in the pool off, washed them and then jumped into the shower..
• A minute or so after I jumped into the shower, Chelyne walked into the bathroom. There was no lock on the door..
• she stood by the shower cubicle, opened the curtain, took a quick look at me and walked right in..
• she was completely naked!
• My mind went blank! I just stared back at her not knowing what to do..
• she then pinned me to the wall and started running her hands all over my chest, pinching my nipples..


• at this point, my dick was already rock hard.. She grabbed it and started rubbing it all over her clit and pussy..
• she then placed it in between her thighs, squeezed them together and started kissing me: hard..
• that shit turned me on so much that I was moaning, and had my hands all over her.. I was squeezing her butt and playing with her exhaust..
• Ag, someone’s just walked in. I have to stop here otherwise they’ll demand to see what I’m writing.

Hopefully something will happen tonight. I’ll try to get everyone (except Chelyne) drunk and that’ll clear the path for me to fuck her. It’s wrong but it feels right. This must be done. I must correct this injustice. She deserves a new dick..




Sugar Dick Dupree

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