Positions Of The Day!

Ndeipi (which is Zimbabwean slang for hie)..

I was gonna continue where I left off with my last post (something something in Arcadia) but I lost the images. So, I’m just going to give you tips on one or two positions instead. Okay, I’m lying.. this was supposed to be a continuation of the Arcadia story but I’m not in writing mode so I switched it to something else.

I’m gonna write about positions today. I think it was about time I did one such post.

I personally invented these positions..

I’ll let the images do the talking and I’ll add my commentary.. I’ve recently moved to Android (I lost my Microsoft tablet) so please forgive me if you come across mistakes and if the images don’t work.


Do these positions when you’re in “dominant mode”.




• it’s comfortable for her..
• you’re in total control..
• there is close body contact. That warmth always feels good.
• the penetration is deep..


• Always make sure your mouth is close to her ear. She must hear your every breath, moan, roar, grunt, snarl etc etc. Women do like noisy guys. When you make noises, it’s feedback to her that you’re enjoying her pussy. When you’re quiet, she won’t know whether you’re enjoying or not.
• say all sorts of nasty things to her.
• Ladies, look at how the lady in the image is positioning her legs. When you place your legs close together like that, it creates a tight fit which means there’s a bit more friction during penetration. Always do this, especially if you have a big pussy.




Doggy Sugar Dick Dupree style.. (Take note of how his legs are positioned)..


This type of doggy is ideal for guys who aren’t well endowed. She will feel every inch of your dick.
• if you have a big dick, you will need to be careful because you could hurt her. Painful sex is always the worst sex.
• Always keep in mind that most women do like to feel powerless and abused during doggy (and missionary) so you must pin her down by her shoulders to make her feel even more powerless..
• grab her hips or waist and bang her fast and hard..




• if she can handle it, push your dick up in her pussy as hard as you can. I’m sure you can see why I say this position is ideal for someone who isn’t well endowed. The penetration is just DEEP! Just look at how deep he is inside her. If your dick is small, then there’s no need to worry when doing this position. Push it as hard and as deep as you want. She will be able to handle it.


Be “creative” too. Look at how he is doing it. He’s “dancing on that pussy”.. Imagine your dick is a pencil and her pussy is a paper..and all you have to do is draw. Draw numbers and letters on that pussy! Draw an 8, W or a zero! Am I making sense?? He is doing what’s known as Chikapa… click HERE! to learn all about it.


SDD Final Edition


• if your woman can handle a bit of roughness, Doggystyle is always the best position..
• pull her hair..
• spank her..
• Pin her into the mattress..
• talk shit to her..
• fuck her hard..
• make noises too…

Be very careful when doing long strokes (taking most of your dick out and then plunging it back into her pussy… sort of what he’s doing in the image above) because there a real risk of accidentally forcing it into her exhaust. Please play it safe by keeping most of your dick in her pussy.

I think I’ve said enough for now. I never check for any spelling or grammar errors so if you do come across any mistakes, please autocorrect them yourself.

Please refer this blog to your friends.



Sugar Dick Dupree!

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