Hello folk. Long time. I hope you’re all doing good. I’m fine, just been having trouble logging into WordPress via the Android. It was updated countless times in the past month and each update was worse than the last. I couldn’t post pictures and everything was talking ages to load, even approving comments was a pain. It seems all is well now, but I think I’m going to ditch Android and head back to Microsoft or perhaps even try Apple (but Apple is too girly for my liking). I’ll need to save up for Microsoft tablet though. I guess I ought to start a FundMe campaign. Sounds like a good idea. I wonder if there’s such a thing as a SexMe campaign. That sounds like a better idea to be honest

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas. I was in bed all day, watching movies and searching for ex girlfriends & high school classmates on Facebook. I was shocked by what I saw online. Turned out that the “whore of the century” in my class got married to the class geek. I mean, this guy was the ‘model student’. He sat in front of the class, right next to the teachers’ desk and literally absorbed EVERYTHING those teachers said. He was very good in school. On the other hand, she used to sit right at the back of the class, next to me, and I’d finger her… Okay, I’m lying about the fingering bit because I used to be really scared of girls… but I did touch her boobs once. Nonetheless, guys used to finger her at the back of the class and she’d show us her nipples… Only God knows how he ended up marrying her. But I wish them well in their marriage. That was her past, and she’s probably changed into a better woman.

Anyhoo, lemme cook up a post for the blog.


Sugar Dick Dupree

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