Exhaust Talk

Hello there, good people. Happy New Year!

So, yaah, today I’ll touch on exhausts… the art of licking exhausts. I’ll do a question and answer thingi so you can understand properly.

Hello there, Sugar Dick Dupree you sexy camel. My name is Everlast and I have a question for you. I hope I find you in good health. Listen my friend, what are your thoughts regarding licking of arseholes? My girlfriend loves licking my exhaust and I find this somewhat enjoyable but disturbing at the same time. I want to know if there are any risks associated with this plus does it man I’m gay? Thank you for your time, by the way, how can I be like you?

Response from SDD

First and foremost, the correct term to describe this art of licking exhausts is ANALINGUS. Here at The ShebeenBlog, we refer to them as “Rim jobs” or “Licking Of Thy Exhausts”.


My friend, you’re not alone. Women have indeed become obsessed with Rimjobs in the past few years. I’ve had mine licked a few times. This new type of blow job is becoming increasingly popular as attitudes towards sexual behaviours change. I don’t know where the obsession is coming from.

And no, it doesn’t mean you are gay! As long as you’re a man who sleeps ONLY with women, you’re not gay.

Lastly and unfortunately, you cannot be like me. There is room for only one Sugar Dick Dupree The Eighth Wonder Of The World in this



What Are The Benefits Of Rimjobs:

• It feels different for both receiver and giver.
• psychologically, it feels exciting because you both know it’s a part of the booty that’s ‘sacred’. It’s like a ‘secret chamber’.
I think this is all I can say for now about this.


What Are The Disadvantages:

• There is the possibility of cuts, tears (blood exposure) and fecal matter present, which increases the risk of infections, exposure to bacteria, parasites and  STIs.

What To Do?

• Get tested for STIs. Yeah, I know kuti being tested is time consuming but PREVENTION IS ALWAYS BETTER THAN CURE. Besides, you must always protect yourself. Always remember that if you haven’t got a ring on your finger, you’re not in a committed relationship, so guard your body jealously.


TIPS for the Receiver

• Sit on your partners face.
• Get into the 69 position.
• Lay face down with pillows under your hips or ass, elevating them off the bed.
• Get into doggy, arch your back, spread your knees/legs and ass cheeks apart.
• Lie on your back, pulling your knees to your shoulders, and expose your hole.

So, I’ll let you decide..


Other Questions
° Will a good wash be good enough to keep it clean for her tongue???

• While a good washing can help “freshen” things up, the simple truth is it will not necessarily rid the area of all the germs.

So, that’s my take on Rim Jobs.. If you have any questions, just leave a comment and I’ll respond. Remember, you do not have to put your real name when commenting.




Sugar Dick Dupree


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