Hello folk. Long time no see.

Do not worry, I’m still very much around. I’ll give you a run down of why I’m quiet.

– Last year, my Microsoft laptop simply stopped working.
– then I moved to Android (bought a Nexus 7 device). It was okay but very slow. It ended up being so slow that I changed it for the 2013 version.
– the 2013 Nexus 7 was very good but my favourite little niece wanted it for her “homework” so I gave it to her.
– then in December, I bought an iPad Air 2. I dropped it after two weeks and the freaking thing just doesn’t work anymore. It cost me nearly £600! Why didn’t I insure it??? Its because they wanted £250 and me being Sugar Dick Dupree, I thought it was a rip off so I didn’t bother insuring it.
– then earlier this year, I bought an HP Windows tablet and I regret it for it is one of the crappiest decisions I ever made. The WordPress app there is confusing, seriously outdated and I’m having trouble uploading Gifs! It freezes often and lags too much.

This is why I’ve been quiet. So now, I’m saving up for a proper desktop computer. Don’t ask me how that’s going because I haven’t even set aside a single dollar. I spent too much money buying Christmas presents and I’m still recovering from that. Perhaps, I ought to start a Fund Me campaign.

Anyhoo, I’m still very much here though chilling in the background approving comments and responding to the emails. I do enjoy reading your comments so please keep then coming.

By the way, the blog is going to be THREE YEARS old in one of two days time (or maybe it happened few days AGO.. I honestly don’t know now. I’ll have to check)!!   But yeah, that was THIRTEEN MILLION hits ago!

Big numbers no longer motivate me as much as they did the first days. It’s the marriages & relationships I’ve saved (I rejuvenated a lot of sex lives here) that motivate me. Thank you all for supporting this blog. I created it for YOU! This is YOUR blog!

Well, it’s 02:49am here, and I think I’ve explained my absence. I’ve now run out of things to say.. so



Sugar Dick Dupree.

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