Chikapa : Updated

I’ve written about this before but never really got into it. You can check out the post HERE.

What is Chikapa??

It’s basically how a woman moves her WAIST during sex (a.k.a GYRATING).
Please check the post because I’m too lazy to give you the full explanation..

In some parts of Africa, they call this Chinamwali or Chinamwari (by the way, I invented Chinamwari but that’s another stororo for another day).

How exactly do you do this Chikapa thingy??

Just check out the images below.  I hope they work.


Start slow…


Build a rhythm…


And then go full throttle…

Do men enjoy this??

It depends with your man but It’s visually impressive (meaning it looks sexy, very sexy). So, the answer is yes. Your man will enjoy it but it’s not a big deal if you don’t know how to do it.

Does it make my pussy feel extra good on his dick?? Does it feel different??

No. It doesn’t really do anything.

So what is the point of this if it doesn’t make my pussy feel extra good??

It’s the SEXY MOVEMENTS that will turn your man on.

What if I don’t do it??

It’s not a big deal, but it’s just a bonus if you can do it.

I think I’ve finished saying all I can say about this subject.



Sugar Dick Dupree.

Apologies for the absence. I’m always here though, just haven’t been posting.


3 thoughts on “Chikapa : Updated

  1. Sorry, I meant to say “Many women struggle with this a lot. Some can move their waists with ease and some are just naturally too stiff. Don’t pressurise your woman. If she can’t do it, then there’s nothing you can do. Like I said, it doesn’t really do add anything major.

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