This was really supposed to be a TIP OF THE DAY post but me being me, I decided to switch it. I was gonna mention something about squirting as well, but then I remembered that I wrote about it HERE.
I’ll just pretend someone inboxed me a question and I’m gonna respond to them..


“Hie Sugar, you sexy camel. My name is Shipwreck and I have a sexy time question for you. What Is Your Favourite Technique? Thank you very quickly”…

Thank you for taking time in emailing me, Shipwreck.

My favourite technique is: LONG STROKING IN AND OUT OF THE PUSSY! I don’t know if that’s the right term to describe this technique but I guess I can get away with saying what I want because I am Sugar Dick Dupree.

So What Exactly Are You Talking About Sugar??

Take a look at the image below in order to see what I’m getting at..


Do you see how he plunges his entire dick in her and then pulls all of it out???  Yeah, that’s it. it’s one of my favourites techniques.. it drives most women crazy.

Why do I like it??
• Because it feels so good especially when the pussy is really wet, slippery and making those farting/squishy noises..

Why Does It Feel So Good?
• When you slide it in, the pussy feels really warm on the dick, and then when you pull out, your dick feels ‘cold’.. that constant change of temperature feels AMAZING!!
• I think that change of temperature also makes the head very sensitive. Well, that’s what happens with me..
• very good for getting her pussy wet..

• If you’re going to do this, be GENTLE and ALWAYS MAKE SURE that the dick head remains very close to the pussy’s entrance. Why? Because if you pull it out too much and then try to plunge it back in, you can easily miss her pussy and accidentally poke her ass (that shit is PAINFUL) or even hurt her clit. So, you have to be careful.

How Does It Feel For Her??
• It turns her on seeing your dick going in and out of her..
• long strokes generally feel good for women..
• and they usually end up squirting (if done right)..


You’re probably looking at the above image and asking yourself what’s going on. Well, that is called SQUIRTING. I invented it. It’s perfectly normal. Click HERE to read about it..

So, this position is very good for getting the pussy wet.. Ah, I think I already said this in one of the above paragraphs.

I won’t even bother to read what I wrote so if you come across any spelling mistakes or bad grammar in this post, correct it yourself and try to make sense of what I’m trying to say..

I’ve run out of stuff to say, so…



Sugar Dick Dupree

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