It’s On!

• That moment when he gets on the bed and crawls his way to you..
• you watch him as his face inches closer and closer to your pussy..
• he licks his lips in anticipation of what he’s about to do..
• he doesn’t even look at you, all he’s concentrating on is your pussy..
• he gets closer, grabs the inner part of your thighs and then spreads your legs apart..
• you feel his warm breath..
• He sticks his tongue out, and gives your pussy a little lick…
• eish, it feels good..
• your pussy is already wet..
• he makes himself comfortable..
• then spreads your pussy lips apart, exposing your pinkness and your clit..
• he sucks your clit..and your eyes roll back..
• you know that shit feels good..
• he starts putting in some serious work on your pussy..
• he licks the sides..
• around it..
• the walls..
• the pinkness..
• and runs his tongue from the top to the bottom of your pussy..
• he covers it with his entire mouth..
• and he forces his tongue as far inside your pussy as he can..and his nose is pressing against your clit..
• he even rubs his face all over the pussy..
• he doesn’t care that his cheeks and chin are wet..
• lust is written all over his eyes..
• he flicks that tongue..
• and doesn’t care that he’s making slurping sounds..
• he slides in two fingers, starts finger fucking you..and sucks your clit at the same..
• he is devouring your pussy..
• it feels good everywhere..
• it’s driving you crazy..
• he pulls out his wet fingers, rubs the juices into his nipples..
• he then flings you back by your thighs, so your ass is in the air
• and starts licking the exhaust..
• It’s on tonight!



Sugar Dick Dupree

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