What’s That White Stuff?

Heyy, today I’m gonna talk about that CREAMY WHITE STUFF women produce during sex. I’ve written about this before but it was about STICKY WHITE STUFF that LOOKS LIKE GEL. Dunno why I can’t find the post.

Today, I’m just gonna talk about the CREAMY WHITE STUFF women produce.

So, just what is that funky white stuff??

• First and foremost, it’s very, very NORMAL!
• it’s odourless (doesn’t have a smell).
• it’s basically NATURAL LUBRICATION produced by the pussy during sex. It happens when she’s turned on.

My woman produces a lot.

• If she produces super thick creamy white stuff during sex or foreplay, then it simply means you are turning her on BIG TIME, Sugar Dick Dupree style (which really means you are hitting all the right spots). It’s simple as that.  Sometimes, as you do the strokes, sliding your dick deep inside her and pulling it out just to the tip, you can take a lot of it with you. Check the image below. The cream is not designed to stay inside her pussy by the way..


I’ll change the image when I come across a better one. At least you can see the CREAMY stuff I’m talking about. He has his finger in her exhaust… But that’s another story for another day.

Is it dangerous?

• No.

Should I wipe it off ?

• No! Never. Because your woman could end up worrying that you find it disgusting and this might make her lose interest in sex. Wipe it off if you’re gonna lick her pussy. That, she might understand.

I hope that clears the air… so….



Sugar Dick Dupree

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